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Why you should forgive and let go.

June 27, 2016

I initially wanted the “let go” in the title to be “forget”, but then hmmm, is forgetting feasible? Forgiving at times can be even difficult, especially when the harm done is so gross and still leaves a stigma. So, forgetting might be unrealistic, but then we can decide to take it off our minds and hence “let go”.

“Forgiveness can be hard”, said a friend of mine, do you agree? Well, to an extent, I do. There are levels of offenses and this isn’t a case whereby someone just offends you and you just feel hurt for a little while. An example of what I’m talking about is your supposed spouse-to-be getting married to your best friend some months to your supposed wedding date, without your knowledge! Yea, that can be somewhat difficult to forgive, wait, somewhat? It can be really difficult. There are even two people to forgive.

forgive its a gift


A man needed a huge amount of money for his wife’s surgical operation, he would lose her if he doesn’t provide it. He worked in a company with a close friend of his, his best friend actually. The boss was out one day and then he decided to steal the money from his office, while at it, the best friend came in, got to know what he was trying to do and was totally against it. After a little while, he expressed sympathy and allowed him escape with the money, promising to tell no one. The man left with the money, leaving his friend in the office and then after some minutes, the secretary to the boss came in, meeting him lost in thought (an evidence against him). The boss came in much later and raised an alarm, the best friend was the only suspect and he was arrested, prosecuted and jailed. He couldn’t say the truth, he had no evidence whatsoever. Meanwhile, his friend who made away with the money never confessed nor visited him.  Now, this would cause excruciating pain and forgetting is somewhat impossible, but letting go is achievable. Would you forgive and let go after being released if it were you?

FORGIVE even iftheyare

Forgiveness is required no matter how grievous the offense might be. We are humans and as such, expected to react negatively to painful situations, but there are greater benefits if we decide to forgive and let go.


We sin against God almost every moment and no matter how terrible the sin it, He forgives us when we ask, 1 John 1:9, Micah 7:18. But then this forgiveness won’t be granted if you don’t forgive whoever offended you, Matthew 6:14-15, in other words, unforgiveness is an act of sin against God. You might think “oh, its God, He’s the Supreme Being and nothing can hurt him”. He asked us to be more like him, Matthew 5:48, to be perfect just as He is perfect. We obviously can’t be just the way He is, but we should be complete and achieve a state of spiritual maturity.


It’s life and anything is bound to happen and at anytime. What if this person you decide not to forgive dies? Trust me, you would feel bad and wish you could just get the chance to speak with him. Talking about yourself, anything could happen to you, no matter how righteous and dedicated to God you might have been, a single act of unforgiveness can disrupt the journey to Heaven.

“Every disappointment is a blessing” could be at work too, it might just be a way for greater and better things to take place. Think on the brighter side.


Don’t have it in mind that you’re doing anyone a favor by forgiving them, it’s because of yourself. No one goes through the pain of being unforgiven. Love yourself enough to let go of all the anger and bitterness. You get to even sleep better, having no grudges against anyone J


It’s a sign of strength, most people have this notion that you’re weak when you forgive, it’s not that way. You’re strong when you forgive because you have the ability to let go of resentments and have peace of mind. A weakling can’t do that. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” –Ghandi.

forgive strength


Happiness isn’t when you think about what someone has done to you and you cry all night, this is what unforgiveness leads to. Simply put, forgiveness brings happiness and peace of mind. There’s this peace of mind you get when you let go of grudges, you become happy and this way, better opportunities come your way. Have you forgiven someone and yet you’re glad at any opportunity to revenge? You want him to “feel the pain”, then the forgiveness isn’t total and peace of mind can’t occur.

forgive peace


It’s not what can be done within our own capacity (if it’s absolute), it is a grace given by God to His children that ask for it. It’s this grace that enables us to let go. Forgiveness within our own ability doesn’t involve letting go and therefore, an opportunity to revenge is desired. Ask for the grace to forgive and let go. Has anyone offended you and the pain caused is intense? Forgive and be happy.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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