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When God Says No: The Best Way To Respond

October 28, 2018

There was something I needed to get done before the end of the month. I had my fault in it all because I had delayed and dragged the issue for a while. So, as at the time I started working on it, all I had in mind was how swift it would be, since it didn’t seem much of a big deal.

I started the process, but the places I was supposed to get positive feedback from, like every other person did, I kept on being told “come back tomorrow or next week”. Huh? Excuse me, I have no time for this! I need this quick. Actually I didn’t say that to them, but that was what I had in mind.

It got to a point I was in tears. Okay, so the main issue was that I was to go to Abuja and be back, before the end of the month, as I have another engagement as from October which would definitely leave no time for such travel. But, I didn’t envisage that the letter I needed to travel with (as a form of introduction for my research work) would be delayed for that long.

Prior to this, my supervisor always preferred meeting with those who were allocated to him, collectively. Sitting around a table and presenting how far we have gone and he would just correct randomly. Basically, there was no one-on-one interaction or in-depth talks.

With the disappointments and thoughts on what to do, I sat in class, just like that, no idea on what to do next. Time was not friendly, there was no magic I could perform.

A friend informed me about my supervisor being around. I was gladdened(an opportunity to really discuss about my research work and get some tips), but then, what’s there to be happy about? There were bigger issues!

I went ahead to meet him. Guess what?

He made me understand how futile my journey would have been due to some lapses, which I definitely couldn’t have done anything about.

What!! Is this what you have been up to, God? How amazing you are!

Apparently, he had not really looked into my work(the disadvantage of the collective meetings).

So, the whole thing was changed and I’ll be studying somewhere very close to me (which definitely favours me). I have never been to Abuja, so, imagine how terrible it would have been if I had gone and I come back with nothing! The whole expenses and all. Honestly, if I had gotten that letter, I would have gone long before then.

That’s what happened to me which inspired me to write this to you.

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Things might not make sense at first

In my case, this is true, it didn’t! I kept on asking questions on why mine was different and what I had done wrong. In fact, it made no sense till the end.

It’s okay if things don’t make any sense initially. This is because they will, eventually.

God wants the best for you

Yes, he does! Remember his plan from the on-set was to give you an expected and a glorious future. Now, why do you think he would want any harm to come near you? Those trials, struggles and temptations are to guide and make us grow.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

He takes control when we leave it all to him

At the point it became confusing, I told God I was letting him take control of everything. I told him how aware I was of his love towards me and how he will never let me fall.

So, when the last disappointment came, I was calm. This is what happens when you have spoken to your creator about your fears, peace follows. My mind was settled, strangely and at that point, I knew there was a reason but I didn’t know what exactly it was.

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The Best Way(s) To Respond : THANK AND TRUST HIM.

We are God’s, He is our father. In essence, he knows what’s up with us. He knows our wants and needs, but still he expects us to confide in him.

Appreciate him if he says no. Why? It definitely means that request of yours is no good and he wants to save you from it. We are too quick to thinking that God is probably angry with us or just doesn’t consider us as his favourites. It is far from the truth. He doesn’t want us to fall, that’s why he has declined the request and as mentioned earlier, it makes no sense initially. Funnily, it might make no sense till some years later.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust Him because he asked you to. If we can trust our parents or loved ones who promised us one thing or the other, why should it be difficult to trust the one who controls our being?

God loves you, trust me. And he will never leave you stranded. Has he ever said no and you were somewhat angry at everything? Put your trust in Him. He will never put you down. We are God’s!



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  1. This is Inspiring! I have been through challenges lately that feel like God isn’t listening to me and doesn’t have my time yet. But this article is helping me see things differently. Thanks Ma’am

  2. This is Inspiring! I have been through challenges lately that feel like God isn’t listening to me and doesn’t have my time yet. But this article is helping me see things much differently. Thanks Ma’am

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