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Unexpected Changes: 6 Ways to Cope

August 25, 2016

No matter how much you try to control what goes on with you, it’s difficult to control this thing called “Change”, it just occurs, either in the positive or negative way. Most times, this change comes unexpected and ruins plans. Though, you can’t control these changes, but there’s something you can control-how you react and cope with it. It can be really hard to adjust to, but look at the bright side, we can’t possibly be on a spot and keep going in circles, we need to grow and learn. I understand how it can be really challenging, especially when it is unexpected and even unwanted. Like I stated earlier, how you react and cope really matters and with these tips, you’ll be able to get through and come out just fine.

  1. Let the emotions flow

emotionThe change being unwanted and unexpected, you tend to feel angry, sad and hurt. Whatever way you feel, you have the right to, and it’s totally expected and normal. So, accept these emotions, let it flow. The thing is if you try to hide it or talk yourself out of it, sooner or later, it will come out, in an even more dangerous manner. So, whatever emotion it is, don’t fight it, you have to right to feel that way.

  1. View the bright side

view the bright sideThere’s always a bright side, like they say; “every disappointment is a blessing”. You’ve been transferred to a place you’ve never even been for work, having established yourself in your present location, what if this transfer comes with an increase in salary and helps you fulfill what you’ve always wanted to do, but for lack of sufficient funds? Okay, if that’s not the case, maybe your case is worse, I am certain there’s a positive side to it. I’ve had too many stories of someone being jilted and sooner or later, they are immensely happy it happened. Why? Along the line, they meet someone better who appreciates them more. There’s always an advantage, it’s your job to wait on it.

  1. Do not neglect yourself

take careThis is probably the last thing on your mind, taking care of yourself amidst the whole challenges. Taking care of yourself is as important as whatever eating you up. Find some self-care tips that resonate with you and practice them. Dealing with unwanted changes can be somewhat difficult when you’re not taking care of yourself. It may sound so cliché, but when you don’t feel good about yourself which comes from not taking care of yourself, you find it hard dealing with other things, the confidence won’t be evident.

  1. Seek advice

adviceYou have friends and family that must have gone through that phase in life, meet and speak to them. They will have some things to say that will keep you hopeful. Don’t lock yourself up, interact with other people, seek advice, you don’t have to tell everyone what you’re passing through, just the few you trust.

  1. Loosen up

loosen upGive yourself a break. For the good of your mental health, don’t spend the whole day angry or sad. Read a book, watch your favorite TV shows or listen to a good music. You can even go out and see a movie with friends. Let go of everything that has clouded your mind and enjoy the season. It isn’t easy but necessary.

  1. Give it time and have faith

timeBad times don’t last forever. Time will change and better days are ahead. What you need to do is give it time. Have faith that no matter how difficult things may seem and what come your way, you’ll get through and come out even better, have that in mind. Things will definitely get better.

Unexpected changes are difficult to accept and deal with, but without these things, we won’t grow and learn. What is paramount is the ability to cope well and give it time knowing time heals all. These unexpected changes are generally bad occurrences that happen. Be patient with yourself and find the blessing in the disappointment.

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  1. This babe you’re on point sha. I completely agree with number 1, especially in Nigeria, where it seems like a taboo to ‘feel’ and everyone is expected to just get on with it. I love number 6 as well.

    1. You’re right, and the truth is we actually can’t get on with it if we store up the emotions, it just has to flow.
      Mehn, thank you for reading and commenting on this old post. Means a lot to me 🙂

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