The Time I “Thought” I Had Appendicitis.

September 13, 2017

I got back home after my NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) in the late 2015. Things were going on well until I started feeling excruciating pains on the right side of my tummy.

Honestly, before then, I’d only heard of people going through surgical operations to remove appendicitis. The scar is always a signal.

I remember an incident where a roommate undressed herself and I sighted the scar, “Appendicitis?”,I asked and she replied affirmatively.

I never thought of it happening to me or finding out more about it, until the pain started. The pain would ease for some time and begin again, especially late into the night when everyone was asleep. I would walk around the house in tears until someone hears me and come to console me.

I wish it was as funny as it is now.

After some days into the pain, something just struck me, “Wait, isn’t this appendicitis?”. No one in my house could have actually thought about it, being a strange sickness(no one close to us experienced it).

I surfed the internet and started my research. Unfortunately, the symptoms I experienced aligned with appendicitis! Honestly I was indifferent. Would I experience a surgery? How does it feel? I informed my mom. She didn’t want to believe it, she asked us to visit the hospital.

The doctor confirmed it was appendicitis after carrying out a “manual test”- I was asked to lie down and he pressed my tummy at different angles until I groaned when he got to the right side. I thought it would be more than that( the test). He stated the surgical operation as the only and best option. I wasn’t surprised nor shocked.

Obviously, my parents didn’t like the idea. My dad did his research, he concluded that I must have had a bad diet during my NYSC and came up with a traditional remedy – standing on my head for some minutes – I guess he saw that in the course of his findings. It would make the “stone” causing the pain to get out. But where would it land?  I couldn’t do it. I can’t even somersault. My mom sticked to prayers, she couldn’t imagine an operation.

The pain became unbearable and I was taken back to the hospital for another way other than the one recommended. I was administered some pills to ease the pain. I wondered why he didn’t give me that earlier. But according to him, the pills were to ease the pain,not to cure it. 

That was the first time I was loyal to pills-i took them diligently.

I prayed and prayed, because sleeping was even difficult!

After about a month, there was no pain, there was no surgery. Till now, nothing of such. I began to wonder why surgery was termed the only solution. Then I discovered mine was cured because the sickness hadn’t eaten deep into my system.


  • Don’t hesitate in seeking for medical help when you feel wrong in your body system. 
  • God is able to do anything, in so far we ask! 

Have you had appenditicis before or do you know of anyone? How was it cured? What are the causes of appenditicis? Thanks for reading.




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  1. I can imagine how scared you must have felt. Anytime I feel a sharp pain on the right side of my tummy, the word “appendicitis” comes to mind. An Uncle once told me eating burnt food repeatedly and taking cassava flakes (garri) or any other food that has sand particles could cause appendicitis. I really don’t know how true it is, But I believe the habit of taking a balanced diet and carefully watching what we eat will keep appendicitis away.

  2. 2 sisters who were my former classmates did appendicitis operation, they blamed it on Guava seed, what am I saying most people blame appendicitis on Guava seed, medics say it is the easiest operation there is, I’m glad you’re fine Tinu. Thank you for this enlightening post❤

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