The Five-Fold Ministry of Destiny Helpers

September 19, 2018

I attend a church that is passionate about the youths and young adults. It is glaring how deep and passionate the youths can be when they are committed and dedicated to God and His work. Also, we are aware of how dangerous they can be when they are possessed by the evils in the world.

Due to this special concern for the youths, there are quite a lot of programmes provided for their growth and development.

In my local church, youths are given the opportunity to speak and teach their fellow youths on the Word of God. So, on this fateful Monday evening, a vibrant lady was asked to preach.

The title of this post was her’s, so here’s a disclaimer: I didn’t come up with the five-fold ministry of destiny helpers. I learned it and decided to share with you.

Who are destiny helpers?

They are human beings who have been positioned by God to provide help or to assist a person in time of need. They are assigned to help one fulfill his or her destiny or in the journey of life.

Everyone needs a helper at a point in life. The president of a nation probably encountered some sort of help from someone which elevated him.

God is the ultimate helper but we are aware that he uses humans like us to meet our needs. That “connection” we use to get jobs or contracts is as a result of his help.

Most times, God blesses people,so they can help others. No one can understand God and his ways. Now, that we understand that he raises helpers in humans, let’s find out the five fold ministry of destiny helpers.

The Five-Fold Ministry of Destiny Helpers

1. Daily helpers

You know that kind of amazing love God has for someone that He never allows you be in want? One of the reasons is because this kind of helpers have been positioned in such person’s life. The help comes everyday!

2. Timely helpers

Most times, we want something (not need) and we don’t get it, especially if we can’t afford it. When it’s a need and it’s at the nick of time, these helpers show up. They just come at the right time.

You could have teared up the week before, wondering where you would get some amount of money, but when it’s probably a day to the deadline, these helpers show up. They are the timely ones.

3. Time-less helpers

These ones don’t come only when there’s a need, they are available every time to help you. Our parents and loved ones fall into this category. There is no condition or whatsoever. They are not affected by time, and they could be referred to as eternal helpers.

4. Compelling helpers

Also known as the forceful helpers. They are not ready to help except they are forced. There’s this popular prayer point- “May my destiny helpers not rest till they help me”. This probably implies that there are some who have been positioned to help but they need some kind of force! For some,it could be that they just don’t like you, but then God has designed that they must help you.

5. Unsolicited helpers

These ones are my favourite! Or maybe not. They just want to help you even when you don’t ask for it. They probably even suggest the need to you and then you realise it is a good one. These kind of helpers come when you don’t even ask or request for anything and for someone like me who hesitates to ask anyone for help, I need such people in my life.

How do you get these helpers?

I’m certain you desire one or two of these kinds of helpers. How do you get them? First off, God had designed them for you already, you just have to key into it by prayer. With uttermost desire, pray for the ones you want and God will never fail you.

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Which of these helpers do you desire for? You have the freedom to pick two at most. Let me know in the comments section.



P.S- I would really love to create contents that you would love to read. So, please suggest some things you would love me to write about. Thank you! Also, feel free to contact me for anything at all. I’m somewhat friendly *winks*

pps: In case you were wondering, I attend The Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG).

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