7 Practical Ways to Find Peace in Tough Times

So, its the International Peace Day & it’s quite normal for bloggers and content creators to pour out words relating to peace on their platform. For me, it is beyond that. Have you ever heard of “peace and conflict studies” as a course? Well, it was weird the first time I heard it. So I […]

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The Five-Fold Ministry of Destiny Helpers

I attend a church that is passionate about the youths and young adults. It is glaring how deep and passionate the youths can be when they are committed and dedicated to God and His work. Also, we are aware of how dangerous they can be when they are possessed by the evils in the world.

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Life Lately: On Blogging, School and Friendships

I have been meaning to write a post like this for a while now-it’s a lifestyle blog anyway and posts like these should definitely pop up. Oh yeah! Happy New Month, people! I checked my whatsapp this morning and on a friend’s status, i saw “HNM”. I can’t explain why it disturbs me, but it […]

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