Positive Affirmations: He Has Made Us Fit

November 5, 2016

The evolving world has undermined the significance of the sacrifice, suffering and death of Christ, making us (the believers) dependent on our personal performance to succeed or make it through. Most times we want to engage in a particular thing, but because it seems “extraordinary”, most people resort to saying things like; “I’m not made for this”, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not capable” and so on.

It’s disheartening to the one who made you and has provided you with everything you need (only if you claim it) to excel in life. You could just a minute and imagine how God will feel when His creatures abuse don’t value His sufficiency. Why belittle yourself with words? One important thing to note is the power of the tongue, the things you ascribe to yourself will surely “jump” at you. Cultivate the habit of positive affirmations, there will always be an improvement. Many a times, people trace the root of their problems to the wrong source, we’re often the cause of the bad things that happen to us, through the words we affirm.


Know this, God has made us fit, we don’t need the world to define us. He has qualified us, His death on the cross has nailed us every of our imperfections and inadequacies. He has made us acceptable, even if the world doesn’t accept us. Even though we are weak, powerless and sinful, He has made us adequate, competent and sufficient. He has made us worthy, even though we are and will always be unworthy, and that’s the whole essence of His suffering and death.

God has made us fit, we do not have to strive or go out of our ways to make ourselves appear “fit”, at the same time, we shouldn’t weigh ourselves down with the thought of not being enough. Such actions on our part would be superfluous. As a matter of fact, they would suggest that God has not made us well enough and we have to make up for it.

Claiming your right in Christ isn’t extraordinary, it isn’t magical. We were sinners when He made us fit, we are still sinners now. He hates the sin, not the sinners. No amount of sin can make him hate us. But we can’t keep sinning expecting grace to abound still. God is as powerful as He’s merciful.  Nothing can prevent us from keeping fit, because His grace is sufficient. Claim your right in Christ through His word and purity of heart, coupled with heart-felt talks with Him. He isn’t difficult to reach!



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