Natural Hair: Some Annoying Hair Salon Experiences(+ Tips) 

August 29, 2017

I transitioned from the relaxed hair world into the natural in 2015 and painfully, I must say, I haven’t found that hair stylist that my hair loves and agrees with. Why?  I don’t know, they just don’t get something right. Most times, I wonder why I transitioned and just wanna put some relaxer to ease the pain.

From questions to annoying comments and hair handling ,  hair stylists I have come in contact with just make me wish I could make every hairstyle myself.

Sincerely, natural hair could be frustrating oh! Especially when you have to comb it, then you start lamenting over the amount of hair the comb will snatch. My younger sister has this fine and curly hair (she’s still on low cut), so soft and easy to comb. Often times, I tell her how blessed she is to have such. Comb my hair while it’s dry, I could bite you, even while it’s damp, be nice, still. 
I consider myself the best candidate for the job though -combing my hair.

I understand most of us are good with our hair but once in a while, we could visit the salon for a professional touch. There are some actions that just make us want to stand up and leave.

1 Combing the hair all at once.

This could be quite nice for a just-relaxed hair, with the comb gliding smoothly. Natural hair? Please just comb little by little. This is one major reason for hair loss. Then, combing the hair from the roots is bad, start from the tips.

Tip: Put your hair into sections and comb gently. Detangle with your fingers first. Make this clear to the hairstylist.

2 Combing with an inappropriate comb violently.

We know the wide tooth comb is the appropriate tool, but then I wonder what the hair stylists want to prove, they just bring a medium sized comb and start combing like its a doll’s hair they are toiling with. You tell them to use a bigger comb and they tell you they need the hair smooth and the big comb wouldn’t do that.  Seriously?

Tip: A wide tooth comb is the best! Don’t be deceived.

3 Pulling the hair too tight.

You know why this is annoying? You tell them it’s too tight and painful, and they tell you it’s not tight, then you begin to wonder if they’re the ones feeling it.

Tip: Start with your natural hair while braiding. This will prevent loss of the edges. Take the hair down if it’s too tight.

4 Questions on why you plan not to relax or texturize. 

This isn’t annoying until they start with some negative comments about how your natural hair isn’t nice and too hard, how it isn’t for everyone. A particular guy braided my hair and complained his fingers hurt throughout. Seriously, what if relaxers weren’t invented?

Tip: Don’t be discouraged.

5 Burning your skin with the curling iron.

 I have fixed just once since I returned natural. The hairstylist, while trying to curl the weave, made the iron too close to my forehead and burnt my skin. The scar was there for a week, it wasn’t obvious.

So we can categorize this under carelessness. The skin doesn’t have to know how the curling iron feels.

Tip: Learn how to use the curling iron.

6 Telling you the desired hairstyle won’t fit you.

Yeah, they are professionals and understand these things, but that does not make it less annoying. You see a beautiful style and make up your mind to make it, on getting to the salon, you’re told it won’t fit you. Quite painful.

Tip: Search the web for styles that would suit the shape of your face.

7 End up making a style contrary to the one you asked for. 

Okay, the style I want will fit me, now please make it. Lol, you suddenly look at the mirror while reading a book or going through a phone and you see a funny style.

Tip: Monitor the process.

These are the things I’ve experienced at hair salons. Most of the times, if not every time, I leave with a headache and my hair strands scattered on the floor due to rough combing and handling.

Please share your experiences too. What have you gone through since you returned natural? I need to know if my natural hair is the problem, I’m certain it isn’t though.  Thanks for reading!



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  1. When I read the combing bits, my expression was jus priceless. you shuold have seen it. I hardly comb my hair, so going for that professional treatment might be a bit tough. Last I visited a salon to wash my hair, they charged N5000. For washing only. We didn’t talk on prices before we proceeded, so I had no idea it was that pricey. Located on teh mainland sef, not like in some choice area. I told my self “professional treatment” would need to take a chill for a while

    1. Hahahahaha 5000??? That’s a lot of, for the hair that grows on my head. My dear, most times I wish I could get my hands on my hair and make a beautiful hairstyle.
      Thanks for reading.

      1. It’s not just her though. That’s almost like an average cost. It doesn’t even matter if the location is upscale, as long as it’s pronouncedly “Natural hair salon”, expect exorbitant rates. When my hands are not paining me to wash it myself for now

  2. Every time I have to do something to my hair, I have to fight the urge to dip it in relaxer. LoL the frustration is real. I tend to do a lot of my hair treatments and stuff myself but whenever I have to go to the salon just know that I am ready for fight. LoooL.
    Nice post…xxx
    Surviving the Nigerian Police

  3. Yeah natural hair can be stressful, but my opinion is that you should try to enjoy the moment, the good and the bad.

  4. Many people have a problem with this! I heard there are a couple of salons in Lagos that are natural hair friendly.
    Been to the salon a few times since I become natural and the hair stylists treat my hair so well. Now, I have to actively look for a permanent salon because I am moving back to Nigeria soon.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

  5. I felt pain when I read no 1. Jeez! I’ll just get up and not make the hair anymore. I think if you want to relax go ahead mehn the pain is unbearable sometimes. Nice post

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