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My Wishes For Nigeria & October Intentions.

October 1, 2018

Who else thinks this year is a fast one? Two days ago, I checked my phone and discovered September was almost gone(even though it was quite a long one). Happy New Month To You and Yours! Nigeria is a year older.

Nigeria is 58 today! Sadly, the country isn’t where it should be, so many things are out of place. A discussion was raised in my class and someone said Nigeria would have been much better if it was still controlled by the British. I am not sure how true that could be. What do you think?

A lot of people are relocating with enthusiasm. I saw something on the internet recently about Nigeria being one of the top countries where its citizens plan to relocate and settle abroad. If things were much better, I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case.

Are we still in the era of doing our best to make the country better? Are we as citizens even given the chance? Here are my wishes.

1. Being ruled by the people voted into power. In other words, no rigging of elections or manipulation of votes.

2. An end to killings and violent attacks.

3. Better opportunities for the youths in every sector.

4. Improvement in the educational sector.

5. Improved health system.

6. Greater value on the currency.

These are my wishes for Nigeria.

October Intentions

I am quite indifferent about this seemingly swift year,this is because on one hand, I have some goals planned for the year which are yet to be achieved and on the other hand, the faster the year ends, the quicker Masters programme ends too!

We all know that at the beginning of every year, we gladly write down resolutions and goals for the year. While this works for some and they gladly tell you how their goals have been achieved, some others possibly don’t pay attention or they just don’t believe in ruling out such at the beginning of each year before they decide to make a difference.

Interestingly, people make goals for each month. It takes commitment and discipline to achieve these goals in a month! Even if it is reading a book, those two are still needed, because for someone like me, I rarely finish a book that quick. No, don’t blame me, other things just get in the way.

So, I have decided to share my monthly goals. Don’t be surprised if some of these goals pop up again next month, it just means I wasn’t accountable enough.

1. Drink more water

Sounds clich√©,right? Well, it’s top on the list. Drinking more water implies staying away soda drinks and the likes. You’d agree with me that anytime you ask a person with a gorgeously flawless skin about her skincare routine or “secret” as most people do ask. The response you get is never void of the fact that drinking enough water makes your skin flawless too. So, yes to 8 cups of water or more in a day! I wonder why they never mention the fact that you ease yourself a million and one times!

2. Be positive

This is another on my list because I tend to think far when issues come up, I view things more from the negative aspect. So, it’s on my list because it’s an intentional one for me. I choose to see things positively, even if they make no sense. Why worry if you can’t do anything about it, since “worry” won’t do anything?

3. Read two books

Yes! let’s do this. While growing up, reading was my forte. You’d always find me buried in a novel. I don’t know why it isn’t the same anymore, I still read, but it isn’t just the same. So, let’s start little by little, two books this month. I started reading Think Big by Ben Carson (yes, I haven’t read it).

p.s: I almost became an author as a teenager (will publish a post on that soon)

4. Pray & study the Bible more.

This is probably a goal of every Christian who desires spiritual growth. It shouldn’t just occur when we desire something from God, we should aspire to develop a personal relationship with Him. I have been doing this and I want to do more!

5. Stop comparing myself to other people.

Not like I really do this, but as a human, there are times I see my friends thriving and achieving great heights. In all honesty, I am happy for them, but it leaves me wondering why my journey seems slow or why things don’t come easy.

And this is what happens to most people. They use other people’s lives to measure theirs, not minding the fact that we are together on this earth but our stories aren’t and won’t be the same.

It is important to get inspired and motivated and that’s what it should be. So, one of my intentions for the month is to appreciate my existence and move at my pace, consciously growing and becoming better each day.

Read: Move At Your Pace: A Short Story

6. Do a wardrobe detox

I had little or no idea as to what minimalism meant until I came in contact with Asakemi. She’s a minimalist, her journey into the world of slow living and minimalism is a conscious one. Basically, it’s all about having less (less is more), cutting down on things we use daily to ensure we live consciously and appreciate the little things.

I have clothes and shoes I don’t dream of wearing anymore. I wear just 30% of my wardrobe, both clothes and shoes. The rest are just claiming spaces they don’t deserve. So, I intend to do a wardrobe detox.

These are my intentions for October. Feel free to ask me if I’ve been able to tick these goals off. I really hope none of them appear on my list next month.

What are your goals for the month? What are your wishes for Nigeria? Do you plan to relocate? If you’re outside Nigeria, do you ever plan to come back? Please, share your thoughts with me. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.



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