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Meeting the Master’s Standard

October 10, 2016

Okay, I know it’s been a while here, there are so many things going on. Not here to bore you with that.

I was privileged to attend a youth convention which was on for 5 days. The theme for the convention was VESSELS UNTO HONOUR. I’m yet to recover from the excitement of attending this particular program, I’ve learned a lot.

Now, straight to the point. There’s this great man of God I’ve always loved listening to on TV, i mean He’s a man of the WORD, his name is Dr. Paul Enenche and guess what? He was there live!

I guess my passion for listening to his preachings is the reason for this post, i decided to blog about what he preached. The title of his sermon was “Meeting the Master’s Standard “.

Text: Ezekiel 14:13-14

People that God raised as standards of righteousness:
1. Daniel
2. Job
3. Noah

Daniel excelled in five (5) major realms:
1. Daniel was in charge of the academicians or the wise men in Babylon.
2. Daniel was in charge of the magicians of the spiritual realm of Babylon Daniel 5:11. Was Daniel a magician (NO).
3. Daniel was in charge of the political realm, governmental realm. Present day SSG.
4. Daniel single-handedly changed the opinion of Babylon towards God.
5. Daniel could never be released even when governments were changed, he was still a minister (Daniel 21:5).  The mystery of perpetual relevance.


1. Existence with the sense of purpose (Daniel 1:8). This point is backed up with the following subheadings:
a. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. When there is no purpose in life, there is no reason to live.
b. Life without purpose = time without meaning. When a person is living a life without purpose, he has abundance of time without meaning.
c. Life without purpose = wastage of life potentials and opportunities. When a person does not know the purpose of life, opportunities are wasted.
d. Living without purpose = ending life with massive regrets. When a person starts regretting at the ending stage of his life, the person lived without purpose.
e. Life becomes a burden without purpose. Why am I living, why am I wasting? Why are eating food. What do you want to use the energy you got from the food to achieve? Why are you resting? What do you want to use the energy to do?

2. Existence with an undefiled life and conscience: Daniel purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the king’s meat. Not defiled by immorality, pornography, alcohol, bitterness, masturbation, cheating. This point is broken down into the following headings:
a. To be upright is to end right up in life. Integrity underguards authority. Character defines destiny. The eagle and the vulture are from the same family, the eagle is a star, the vulture is a reproach. The eagle doesn’t want to get involved with the corruptible, the vulture feeds on meat that have been dead for days. When you have a dream and you see an eagle, you will be happy but when you see a vulture in your dream, it is surely a bad dream. The pig is a reproach among animals, the difference between being in the mud and being in the sky is character.
b.  Whatever defiles your conscience denies your excellence. E.G masturbation, cheating.
c. If your conscience is not clear in life, your coast is not clear.

  1. Living By Conviction Not Consensus: It doesn’t matter what every other person is doing, Daniel was not going to do it. So many people don’t have a mind of their own._*Many people today are under societal influence. They don’t have the mind of their own. What a pitiable life. Confused society.

a. Until you have a mind of your own, you don’t have a life of your own. You begin to live the life of others. The mad man on the street lost his mind and lost his life.

b. To be controlled by the crowd is to be lost in the crowd. Those lost in the crowd are pieces of statistical materials by being under the control of the crowd.

c. To be under the influence of society is to loose impact in destiny. In other words, if you are too concerned with what society is doing, you loose impact.

Keypoints of Point 3

i. Those who set the pace, don’t keep pace with others.

ii. You are either a pace setter or a pace-keeper.

iii. Pace setters and pace keepers are mutually exclusive.
4. Maintaining The Right Association: Daniel did not relate carelessly, he related carefully. Daniel 2:17.If you are Naomi, look for Ruth, if you are Peter, look for James and John; don’t look for Judas Iscariot. The youth age group is the strongest age influence. This point is subdivided into the following headings:

a. Your association affects your destination. Who is with you is affecting where you are going. Your company determines your your destiny. You can’t have the wrong association and end at the right destination.

b. Your company affects your both your mindset and choices in life. Who you hang around with, affects your thought pattern and what you desire.

c. Your association either facilitates your distinction or enhances your destruction. No friend lives you neutral, he either raises you or ruins you. Your friend either maximizes your impact or diminishes your effect. Illustration: Ammon (son of David) wanted to have sex (incest) with his sister but didn’t know how to go about it. He then consulted his friend Jonadab (A bad guy) for advice, Jonadab told him how to go about it that he should act as if he was sick and then request for Tamar (Solomon’s Sister and his own step sister) to serve him food in his room then when she comes in, he rapes her. After Ammon did that, Tamar cried to Absalom. Absalom didn’t say anything good nor bad about Ammon for two years. Then after two years Absalom told his father (David) that they needed to hold a feast and that Ammon specifically should be present. During the feast Absalom told his guards to kill only Ammon. When Ammon was killed at the feast fled and Jonadab the guy who advised Ammon on how to have sex with his sister went to report to the King that Ammon was dead and what made him to die.” Those who are giving you wrong advise today are waiting to explain your calamity; you follow their advice and you die, they are alive and repent. Anyone who has your ears has your life. Ask Samson whenever you see him. Access to your ears allows them to give you any kind of advice. Jonadab killed Ammon (wrong adviser), Jonathan saved David (right adviser). X-ray your relationships. You either have a Jonathan or a Jonadab as a friend. A thousand good friends are never enough but one bad friend is too much – Benson Idahosa


  1. Relationship is by choice not by force. Never allow anybody force themselves on you and don’t force yourself on any body.

  2. Your friend or potential friend should possess nothing less than 75% – 80% of the same character you carry or the character you desire because iron sharpeneth iron. If you like integrity, they like integrity. If you are not given to vanity, they are not given to vanity.

  3. Love liberally but befriend carefully. Relate liberally but befriend carefully. Remember love is a command, relationship is a choice. Don’t pity anyone into friendship.

  4. Anyone not going your direction must not command your association. By engagement with the wrong association, you establish with frustration or stagnation. Not everybody in the motor park is traveling, some came to see somebody off, not everybody in the barrack are soldiers, some are civilians. Not everybody came to the market to buy something, some came to steal .

  5. Living With An Unhidden Godly Identity: Daniel was known for notorious spirituality. Daniel represented God fully. His spirituality was never in doubt. So many people today hide their bible, so many switch off the audio player when it is playing a message when their friend comes visiting. This point is subdivided into the following headings:

a. To take a stand for God is to stand out in life. Ask Daniel, Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego.

b. God stands by those who stand for Him. When you stand for God, God stands by you E.g Shedrack Meshack, Abednego. Who you represent determines who responds to you in times of needs.

c. When your identity is known, your temptations are slim. They won’t tempt you with alcohol when they know you undoubtedly devoted to Christ. They see you as a fire brand, bible believing Christian, they can’t ask you to join occults. But when they see you moving about displaying muscle, they invite you to belong. Exist as a mobile volcano, exist as a mobile tornado.

d. To function as a kingdom representative is to function with a kingdom ambassadorial mantle. An ambassador for heaven.
6. Maintaining A Rigid Spiritual/Prayer Discipline:Daniel had a rigid prayer discipline. Daniel prayed 3 times a day, no law in the land could stop him. This point is subdivided into the following headings:

a. Your routine determines your result. Your schedule determines your success. Show me your schedule and I can predict your success.

b. Discipline is the bedrock of distinction, discipline of prayer, studying, worship.

c. What you do perpetually or habitually and not what you do occasionally is what defines your destiny. “Your habit determines your habitat.” – David Oyedepo

NOTE: You are not fasting to look for money but to generate fire . When you follow these medications you become a mobile danger, danger in motion to the kingdom of darkness. Charge to maintain territory.
7. The Placing Of Spiritual Commitment Above Earthly Placement: Daniel was a vice president, yet he could still fast and pray. Even when you become a senator tomorrow, you must still be humble enough to be an usher, a cleaner in God’s sanctuary. The place you give to God in your life determines the place you find on earth. Your priorities determines your prosperity with God. Do you place money, education, career, family, job above God?
8. Maintenance Of The Spirit Of Excellence:Whatever must be done as a child of God must be done with excellence. Excellence determines prominence, eminence. Excellence is more rewarding than mediocrity and mediocrity is a relation (cousin) of poverty. Make up your mind not to identify with God on the grounds of mediocrity. Supply God excellence, He supplies you eminence.

Do a friendship and a relationship audit. What are they(friends) doing for me?


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