Maximizing Potential: A Surprising Hindrance

June 28, 2018

Whoever came up with the idea that the cemetery is the richest place on earth understands what he or she said. Listen to a motivational speaker on issues relating to fulfilling purpose and maximizing one’s potential… You should hear something of sort.

Every one hopes to become a better part of themselves. Ask a child what he hopes to become in the future, most of the time, you hear “Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Astronaut, Accountant… ” They probably have no idea what it takes (yet), but they want to achieve a great height. That’s the way it is.

Amazingly, we have potential. Everyone does.

maximize potential

What exactly is Potential?

It is all you can be but have not yet become. How far you can reach but have not yet reached. Unexposed ability and latent power.

In a seed, there’s a tree, fruits or flowers and then a forest. That’s its potential. It looks small and could be thrown away but it isn’t just a seed.

The people who change the world are people who have taken impossible out of their dictionaries – Myles Munroe

Do you think anyone has fully maximized his/her potential? There is a lot deposited in us, so much that we cannot fathom, so much we won’t believe.

It is a tragedy to know that with over five billion people on the planet today, only a few will experience a significant fraction of their potential!


A surprising hindrance to maximizing potential is SUCCESS.

Can you believe that??

It’s expected to think maximizing potential is all about success. It is more than that. You can be successful and not attain your full potential.

Let me give a quick illustration;

As a young lady, I have hopes and aspirations and work towards them. I want to become a Medical Doctor and tirelessly working towards it.

I ace my papers, graduate from school and get a job in a highly recognised and recommended hospital.

That is success, right? You’ll be tagged successful and medical students would even look up to you.

I relax too. After all, I have all I ever worked for – good job, vacation in any part of the world, marriage and so on. So I just work hard to get promoted and get more money. Great!

Now, that’s a quick illustration of what most of us call success, right? Don’t you think I could own a hospital too? Why must I be satisfied working as an employee when I can build and run mine?

Do you get the point?

Success hinders reaching your full potential. You get to a point and feel that’s all you could achieve. No! There’s more! Keep pushing.

There’s a lot more you can achieve. Why do you bother to attend a university after secondary (high) School? You can speak and write English well, so why bother? It’s because you have to move ahead.

As long as you’re living, you have a lot more to achieve. Don’t let success deceive you, you are more than what you are now. Your potential is always present, waiting to be exposed.

Don’t settle for what you have, don’t accept your present state in life as final, it is just a phase.



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