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Life Lately: On Blogging, School and Friendships

August 1, 2018

I have been meaning to write a post like this for a while now-it’s a lifestyle blog anyway and posts like these should definitely pop up. Oh yeah! Happy New Month, people! I checked my whatsapp this morning and on a friend’s status, i saw “HNM”. I can’t explain why it disturbs me, but it does. There is no stress in typing full and if it’s stressful for you, desist from using a smart phone completely then.

It’s been a great year so far, apart from the economic degradation of the country, there are a number of things to be thankful for. It’s surprising how some people actually, most people- complain of lack of funds while some people make their money daily without any interruption. Does this imply that a set of people make their money from the poor state of the economy or are more open to opportunities? Share your thoughts, please.

As promised in this post to be more open about my life as a young lady, here is one of such posts. No one has it all figured out. There are times I would have tips and advice to throw out, this doesn’t imply I am a master. As a matter of fact, we are all in the learning process. As a young lady trying to figure out what life has in store, there are successes, failures and lessons.

Well, the purpose of this post is to share what has been going on in my life in three major areas (blogging, school and friendships).

                                              On Blogging

I once mentioned blogging as one the best decisions I have made in my life. Well, i wasn’t exaggerating, it really is. As a few of you might know already, I went self-hosted- another huge milestone which every blogger would recognise. A number of benefits have been attributed to a self-hosted blog, check out Gift’s post on reasons why your blog should be.

Prior to this, I had a 6 months unintentional break, i was totally uninspired. There were a number of topics i wanted to write on, but getting myself to write or type was totally beyond me. I resorted to taking things slow.

Advice: When things seem unclear and difficult, don’t force things. Take things slow. Things will make sense soon.

Moving on, i kept stumbling on posts advising bloggers to stick to a niche or two and be known for it, emphasizing that lifestyle blogging is a wide and confusing one. I was -still am-a lifestyle blogger before i bought a domain. I literally had fun writing about my interests and bringing out a lesson or more from each topic, some were lighthearted (a little fun is needed). With joy, I posted articles ranging from Personal development to faith, wellness, lifestyle and lessons from experiences.

Then, I honestly became confused as to what niche was mine- no one wants to fail, even though making the blog a source of income isn’t a part of the plan yet. After some thoughts here and there, i resorted to faith and personal development, i was fine with this. To guide in the process, i went ahead to searching for blog post ideas (which i didn’t do as a lifestyle blogger) and wrote down a few. I chose one of the blog post ideas and decided to write on it. It was as if i was in an examination hall, the words didn’t flow! I was able to come up with it though, but after that, i literally abandoned the blog.

Then, I realised doing what I love is the paramount thing. Reached out to Kachi of, told her about my ordeal and she was kind enough to share her thoughts. (Thank you, Kachi). I started the blog writing about what i wanted to, no limits. The point is to share my opinion and lessons on some aspects of our lives. I have some limits though- which involves things that would definitely add no value. If there’s anything like a Lifestyle, faith and personal development blogger, then i hide under that title. But then, i believe, all these is a part of our lifestyle.

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                                            On School

A few of you might be aware,i started my Masters Program at the University of Ibadan last year. It has been worth it so far. Apart from the fact that i have made some friends i would keep for life, it has given me the opportunity to experience the “outside world”. My first degree was from a private university and as most people would say, you don’t get to have enough experiences that would shape you for the future. The future in this sense goes beyond education, it basically implies our social environment and the ability to adapt to the society.

I got to rent an apartment and live alone, became responsible for myself. With time, I got used to making decisions on my own. Of course, there’s a not so fun part- FINANCES-what could one possibly do when there’s no money? Well, yeah,sleep on an empty stomach and hope for a better tomorrow. As full-time students, we are not allowed to work, so it all boils down to you depending on your parents for some money to stay sane.


I’m excited to say it’s almost over! Been on my thesis for some months, for those who could be interested, my topic is “The Effectiveness of United Nations Development Program in the rehabilitation and reintegration of Internally displaced Persons in FCT, Nigeria”. Interesting, isn’t it? At some point, I’d have to go to Abuja for my field work and I am looking forward to it, as I’ve never been there.

                                            On Friendships

I mentioned my deficiency in making friends and sustaining the ones i have in this post, there are 9 other things I am not good at, check the post to find out.

Recently, i have realised that you make the right friends when you’re yourself, no pretense. You might have 3 friends, but if they are true to you, you are good to go. I’d pick that over 20 friends who gossip behind me daily. I have made a few friends in the course of my Masters Program and honestly, i am grateful for them.

I should come up with a post on how to sustain friendships. One thing I love about my style of blogging is the ability to make research on a topic I need help with, read, absorb and the eagerness to share with my amazing readers. It isn’t limited to the topics i know about so well, sharing new findings is a part of the process!

IMPORTANT: I became a year older on the 29th of July and honestly, apart from being grateful to God for life, my mind was set on the fact that I am growing old! What is your advice to a 23-year-old? Your wishes and prayers aren’t too late though.

Wow, without a doubt, this is my lengthiest post so far! Does that ring a bell? I am a natural lifestyle blogger. Oh well, no one finds it hard to write about what’s happening in their lives.

What’s going in your life that you’d want to share? Are you a blogger, what kind are you? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading 🙂




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  1. Obviously… I’m late! I just found out about the new blog by the way… So, I tried to check… Well, I learnt a lot of things that I just feel too lazy to type… But trust me, learnt a lot. Happy belated birthday BTW.

  2. Lesson learnt from your post: the use of words in full .I will try to adhere to it .just too used too abbreviated words. Happy birthday once more ,live more to enjoy His grace .

    1. Hahaha, please adhere to it. I learned the hard way, when I started abbreviating words during exams! I knew I had to consciously stop. Thank you so much Tosin!

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