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Inspirational Dissatisfaction

February 19, 2016

inspirational diss

So I was a reading a book and I stumbled on the term “Inspirational Dissatisfaction”. Interesting, isn’t it? Yeah I know. Reading shouldn’t just be for the fun of it, apart from widening one’s knowledge, it’s also to learn more about diction, learning new words and their meanings. I remember when I was a little younger, my dad would ask my siblings and myself to read the dictionary and we would be like “What??? Read the dictionary??” because to us then, dictionary was for people to check up what words meant and then close it. Then, he said to us, “by the time you learn a new word each day, just a word, at the end of the year, you know 365 words”. We started it and it was amusing.

beautiful mind builds

What exactly does Inspirational Dissatisfaction mean? Let’s simplify it. “Inspirational” implies something that stimulates and motivates you, something that causes an action or thought. “Dissatisfaction” on the other hand means a state of being displeased about something. I actually stumbled on the term in Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone’s “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude”. When you are faced disappointment, what do you do? As individuals, there’s a positive and negative side to us. We develop the feeling of dissatisfaction when we are not pleased with a situation or something. How can that dissatisfaction be inspirational? It’s simple, let your positive side take over and turn the failure into success.

use your dissatisfaction

The thing about this state of mind is that once you possess it, you can’t focus on the negative. The overall theme of inspirational dissatisfaction is to recognize that you can do better. Take action to improve your drive and ambition to the best you can be. If you focus on the satisfying aspect of your career and how you can improve it, you can turn your negative thoughts completely around. Let your dissatisfaction inspire you to improve at what you do and not lose focus on thinking you’re taking the wrong path. Most of us, including myself, conclude that some things are not meant for us, just because we failed at it once, it’s totally normal. But, you should have a positive mental attitude, let your dissatisfaction inspire you to do greater things. It will work out.

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