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I Am Guilty. What About You?

November 7, 2016

I’m guilty of leaving my phone charging on the bed and sleeping off.
I’m guilty of forgetting to turn off the pressing iron a times.
I’m guilty of not praying over my food before eating.
I’m guilty of plying roads everyday (the good and bad ones) .
I’m guilty of picking up calls close to the cooking gas.
I’m guilty of picking up calls while the phone is charging.
I’m guilty of walking alone at night at lonely places.
I’m guilty of counting waking up every morning as a normal everyday routine.
I’m guilty of living in a society where kidnapping, raping, armed robbery and other atrocities are the order of the day.
Know what else I’m guilty of?
Not giving thanks daily for being alive, in spite of these things I’m guilty of. There are more other things I’m guilty of, just can’t remember now.
How many of these are you guilty of? What other things are you guilty of? How often do you give thanks?

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