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How to spend an hour in Prayer

August 27, 2016

Have you always wanted to spend an hour or even more in prayer? I hear people say “Prayer is hard”, and I’m just like, “really? Isn’t it just to talk to God? We all talk”. I realized the “hardness” is in the aspect of consistency and steadfastness. Once it’s a part of you, you would never want to go a day without engaging in it.

I’ve always had the desire to spend a quality time in prayer, up until recently, I’d pray for up to 10 minutes, asking God for all I want preceded by thanksgiving and asking for forgiveness of sins, then…nothing else comes to mind, so I just conclude.

The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasized, God requires this from us, not because He doesn’t know our needs and wants but He wants us to develop a relationship with Him. Prayer shouldn’t be based on us asking for ourselves alone or for material things alone. A prayer to understand Him better, to serve Him the more, to love more and some other non-materialistic prayers would take us a long way.

Let’s see how we can spend an hour in Prayer.

Praise (10 minutes): This entails worshipping God for who he is, call him his names, and sing a worship song(s). Praise and thank him for all He has done for you and for what He will still do. You can even use a chapter based on praise in Psalms to form your praise.

Confession (5 minutes): We sin against Him every day, let him search your heart, confess of every knowing and unknowing sin and repent. Ask him for forgiveness.

Petition (10 minutes): Now, ask him for what you want, the desires and concerns of your heart. More importantly, ask for his will to be done in every situation.

Thanksgiving (5minutes): Offer prayers of thanksgiving. Thank God for his provisions and answers in advance. Put your faith into advance. Thank Him as if He’s done it already.

Sing (5 minutes): Still in the attitude of thanksgiving, sing praises unto God.

Intercession (20 minutes): This is a very important and necessary part of prayer, it’s more like “sowing-in-prayers”. Pray for the unbelievers, missionaries, less privileged, sick, leaders, and others, with a sincerity of heart.

Praise (5 minutes): Now, finish up with thanksgiving and praise unto God, worshiping and praising Him for everything He has done and will do.

That’s it guys, see? It’s not that complex. Who will put this into practice? Comment below. Thanks!


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