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Fire Outbreak: My Experience, Common Causes and Precautions. 

October 10, 2017

I can never forget the tears that rolled down my mother’s face,never. We were in another city on a vacation-just to spend some quality time with my dad who worked away from home. 

The phone rang and it was a neighbor. “Your house is on fire!”,the voice said. We all heard it,as it was on speaker, and were filled with shock. Fire? How? When?  We left the house in a good shape, nothing was left on fire.

Thoughts started rolling in. My mom started asking myself and my siblings if we left the iron plugged and other related questions. We all replied in the negative.
There was no other choice. We had to get home that day.

Till now, I don’t know how the journey went. It was a 3 hour journey and we were quiet throughout the journey. So many thoughts were running through our minds. I just found myself and my people in front of our half-burned house. Neighbors had to break in to stop the fire. It was a horrible sight.

Our compound was full of people. People that have not even been to the house prior to that time.

The cause of the fire? It started from my parents’ room. Power came on and boom! Fire. Apparently, the voltage was too high, which made the stabilizer to catch fire.

I had only heard and seen pictures of a fire incident. But it happened to my house, my parents’ house.

Which do you think is worse? Fire or Water(the flood kind) ?

Well, I’ve decided to come up with a post discussing what common mistakes cause fire outbreak and precautions to take.
1 Overheated pot or pan

Most times, we leave the oil to preheat and get distracted and even forget. It’s very risky and could cause fire outbreak. So, it’s advisable to stay in the kitchen while cooking and disallow the pot or pan from overheating.

Why do we wait for the palm oil or vegetable oil to heat to the extent that we run out of the kitchen after putting whatever we want to put? Lol.

Cooking gas

When you try to ignite the gas and it’s not coming on. Wait, especially if you can smell the gas. You perceiving the gas implies that it’s in the air and could respond to fire. I’ve heard stories of gas causing fire outbreak and it’s always a terrible tale.

Change-over switch

This is available in most homes, if not every. It refers to the brain box that enables you to either switch to the generator or power generated by the power holding company. The carelessness with this tool caused the fire incident in my house. If we had left the switch on neutral, it wouldn’t have happened.

So, it’s better to have your switch on neutral. Have a source of signal to the availability of power and be sure there’s electric power before you change over. Whether you’re home or not, it’s safer to have it on neutral.

4 Appliances

These include everything that we plug onto power for use. Carelessness in dealing with them is another reason for fire outbreak. Most times, we prefer leaving them plugged on because of the inconvenience of plugging it back (referring to appliances that decide to come with two ports instead of three),this is quite risky as we could forget to put off the switch. To be on the safer side, it’s best to unplug when done.

5 Children left unattended to

This is a point mainly because I’ve experienced such. I was much younger with little siblings. We were playing in the room before I left the room to do something I can’t remember. I sighted fire when I got back to the room. There was a lighter on the table which both of them played with and the curtains caught fire.

The fire was quite intense,  I had to call for help, being the only one at home with them. But trust me, much damage was done. Books got burnt and the walls turned black.
Children will always be inquisitive, so the best thing is to make sure there’s no tool around them that could ignite fire. Not just fire, anything dangerous at all.

So, these are the common causes of fire outbreak I am aware of, based on tales and experiences.

Have you ever experienced a fire outbreak? What caused it? What other causes are you aware of? Please, share. 

Stay safe!



P.S. Thank you very much for reading this blog. I love you!

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  1. I know right, point no. 1 keeps me wondering if the hotness of the oil determines how sweet what you want to fry will taste,lol. Nice post dear, thanks for enlightening us always.

  2. That must have been a horrible sight….The thought of Fire gets me paranoid…..Hubby thinks i do not have to do this but i always leave the change over switch on neutral when i am away at work or on a trip, i re-check the gas like twice before i leave the house, i turn off sockets that are not in use..Gosh! the thought of fire scares me….May God keep protecting us as we take little safety precaution…Thanks for the tips Tinuke

  3. Nice piece Tinuke. Parents and children alike will find it useful. I want to suggest that you still to British english which is our style in this part of the world instead of American english.

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