We all deserve a peace of mind, don’t we?? We cloud our minds with too many issues which deprives us from enjoying LIFE itself. Life is beautiful…we all say that, but are you exploring that “beauty”? Do you know what the beauty in life really entails? There’s a positive side to every situation, why not focus on that? You have the control over yourself, you either choose to see the good in yourself or the bad. Choosing to see the bad things repels the good. Endeavor to observe the positive aspect of an adversity and use that to make things better. Most of us, if not every one of us, are not where we thought we would be by now , we have not achieved what we thought we would have, but do u know why? You’ve not even appreciated where and what you have. Appreciate the little things, the big ones are on the way. If you’ve made efforts to get somethings and failed, does that regard you a failure? Abraham Lincoln was a President of the United States of America. He lost eight elections, failed in business twice and I’m sure he faced other problems in his life, but he became the President of a nation. So, tell me how “big” that problem is that makes you so depressed. You will succeed if you persist. Yeah, Life is beautiful and worth living. Embrace every moment and learn from failures. If everything comes so easy, it might not be valued.