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Definiteness of Purpose

February 24, 2016


The knowledge of what you really want and the desire to achieve it is one quality you must endeavor to possess. Success occurs when there is a definiteness of purpose, coupled with the burning desire to follow through with action. It’s a general knowledge that when there is no plan for one’s life, such person is planning for failure, to be successful, you should have a reasonable plan for your life and not just that, stand up and get to work. What do I mean by a reasonable plan? Read on.

What does Definiteness of Purpose mean?

def of pur

In simple terms, it means being clear about what you want and why you want it. According to W. Clement Stone, “The starting point of all achievement is the definiteness of purpose”, this implies you have to be CLEAR about what your goals and dreams are before you can record any achievement whatsoever.

Why is it necessary?

Why is defining one’s purpose important? Why can’t everyone just enjoy life and what it brings? Your purpose can’t be the same with mine, what brings out the best in you might not do the same for me. Why not discover what means a whole lot to you and make the best out of it. If you live life just the way it is, living for others and not doing what makes you feel good about yourself, then you’re definitely not living a purposeful life. Know what you want out of life and bring it out by setting your goals, identify the purpose for each goals and work towards achieving them. The goals you set for yourself will guide you towards your destination. Without set-goals, you will find it difficult to stay on track.

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Having a reasonable plan for your life

I asked you to read on if you want to know what I mean by making a reasonable plan. Having a reasonable plan for your life entails the plans being what you understand. Don’t set goals based on the fact people have succeeded in that aspect. Let your goals be based on you and you alone, what you want and what will bring out the best in you. It’s fine and even necessary that after you set a goal, you find out about successful people in that aspect, this is to enable you learn from their achievements.

Clarity of purpose is essential for every kind of achievement, be it making money, getting a new car, furthering your education or starting a business, be clear about it, without being clear, achieving it will be meaningless, that’s if you do. When a clarity of purpose is evident, it makes it even easier to achieve your goals, that’s because it will enable you focus coupled with the fact that you are aware it’s what you really want to achieve.

Here are some points to guide you;

  • Find out what you really want. Avoid vague goals.
  • Investigate why you want to achieve your goal and what you will gain by achieving it.
  • Make up your mind about achieving your goal and be certain you really want to achieve it.
  • Research and learn about your goal. You could also find out about successful people that have achieved such goal and learn from their experiences and achievements.
  • Visualize your goal clearly.
  • Learn to focus your mind on what you really want to achieve.
  • Do away with discouragements and doubts. “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”- Napoleon Hill
  • Be self-disciplined.

find your purpose

How does your goal make you feel?

This is very vital in discovering what you really want. How does your set-goals make you feel? Your goals should make you feel elated and push you towards achieving them. Reaching your goals makes you feel so great about yourself, and encourages you to even attain higher goals in life.

Don’t know your definiteness of purpose?

This is very common among individuals, not because they have not tried well in doing so, but it has not been seeming possible to find out. Well, you should start by helping others find theirs. Be a part in other people’s lives, positively. This, with time, will help you discover yours.

Intimacy with God

intimacy with God

Without God, we are nothing. He is the master planner of your lives and definitely knows the best for you. Yes, some people don’t believe in God and still succeed and achieve great goals. But what God is involved in is long lasting and takes nothing in return except our gratitude which isn’t difficult to do. Talk to Him, He’s the best friend you could ever have. He listens,always.


Develop a positive mental attitude. You, as a human being, have the control over yourself and what you allow control you. You could allow the positive control you or the negative. Learn to develop the positive mental attitude, it repels negativity.

So, what are your goals? Are they want you really want? By the time, you achieve them, how will you feel? What are your reasons for the goals you have set? Find answers to these and examine yourself.

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