December :All About Thanksgiving + 3 Reasons To Give Thanks

December 7, 2016

It’s here! My favorite period of the year (almost everyone’s). It feels like yesterday that we greeted each other “Happy New Year” and now it’s the end of the year! Who else thinks 2016 was rather fast?? There’s this excitement that comes with the month of December. Asides from the fact that the weather takes a more soothing form, everywhere just starts exuding that joy that comes from a festive season. On the first day of the month, it was just like I could smell Christmas, the weather felt so cool, really cool.

It’s all about celebration this month. Apart from July, which is my birth month, December is a month I always look forward to. For me, it’s a full house, relatives I’ve probably not seen in a year come around and everywhere gets more exciting. Who doesn’t love Christmas Season???  🙂


It’s also all about Thanksgiving. One thing I love about Americans; the fact that they set aside a whole week for thanksgiving, no work, nothing, just celebration and thanksgiving. Interesting. That could be emulated though, for the whole of December. While there are some that probably achieved all their goals listed out for the year, some others still have a long list yet to be achieved. But guess what? You’re still alive and in your right senses to know you have a need(s). The greatest testimony one could ever have is being alive. Be grateful, that attitude commands and attracts more blessings. Let’s see 3 reasons why thanksgiving should be all we do this month.

  1. God gave us Jesus

I’m sure you know what could have happened to us if Jesus hadn’t been born. There surely wouldn’t have been anyone that would have loved us so much to lay down his life for us. Jesus came and gave us reasons to have a long life, he came and gave hope to the world. Isn’t that enough to be thankful? We sin against God every day, but we have an advocate that speaks for us. He is Jesus. Be thankful for Him.

  1. You’re alive and well

You know why I’m certain about this? Well, it’s because you’re reading this right now. I’ve never seen nor heard a dead person reading. I’ve neither seen nor heard an insane being reading with assimilation. But here you are, alive, healthy and well. Be grateful. A lot, a whole lot of people died in the course of the year, your being alive isn’t because you’re better off. Give thanks.

  1. Achievements in the course of the year.

It’s really good to think deep, count one’s blessings and be thankful for them. I finished with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) by October 2015, that’s a year and two months now. I was really hoping for a good and befitting job in 2016, but none came. The state of Nigeria’s economy wasn’t even helping matters. At some point, I got frustrated and sad, and I counted this year as a waste. But towards the end of this year, September thereabout, I thought deeply and realized that I’ve been able to learn fashion designing and quite good at it, then I picked up an instrument, the saxophone, and I played in a few occasions. I count these two (fashion design and playing the Saxophone) as my greatest achievements. 2016 hasn’t been a waste in anyway. I’ve made wonderful friends and I’ve learned a lot more about life. Achievements don’t have to be huge, appreciate the “little” things.

Trust me, think deeply and you’ll realize there are so many reasons to be grateful. The 3 reasons listed above are just the basic ones, we all have reasons to be thankful.

Dedicate this month to thanksgiving; this will make the coming year filled with blessings and favor (that’s my belief though and it won’t hurt giving it a try!)


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  1. I love Christmas too because for some reason everyone seems happy
    The preparations and the celebration is unique
    And we all show gratitude during this period because it also marks the end of the year

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