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Christian Race: We Are To Warn

Have you ever imagined how beautiful heaven would be? The angels, the gold plated streets, the melodious voices praising God, God and His Son in their royal majesty? Most times, I sit and just imagine all these and realize how much I must get there, no matter what it takes […]

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I Am Guilty. What About You?

I’m guilty of leaving my phone charging on the bed and sleeping off. I’m guilty of forgetting to turn off the pressing iron a times. I’m guilty of not praying over my food before eating. I’m guilty of plying roads everyday (the good and bad ones) . I’m guilty of […]


Positive Affirmations: He Has Made Us Fit

The evolving world has undermined the significance of the sacrifice, suffering and death of Christ, making us (the believers) dependent on our personal performance to succeed or make it through. Most times we want to engage in a particular thing, but because it seems “extraordinary”, most people resort to saying […]

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A Note on Giving X My Testimony

Let me begin by sharing a memorable experience. On a very beautiful Sunday afternoon, I left for a Youth event and left (actually forgot) my purse in my mom’s bag. I got a free ride to the venue, so I hadn’t noticed. Not until it was time to give offering […]