Black Friday: 5 Essential Tips to Get the Best Deals

Black Friday: 5 Essential Tips to Get the Best Deals

Who hasn’t heard of Black Friday? Of course, no one. So, let’s not bother going over how it came about. Black Friday season is one most of us look forward to and you know the best thing about it (for me)? It is close to the festive period, so it’s kind of the perfect time to buy the goodies on your shopping list as it comes with the cheapest prices. Even flight deals! Yes!

As amazing as Black Friday deals sound, you could lose out on the best deals if you are unaware of some tips on snagging the best deals. For most brands and stores, if not all, it is the perfect time to entice the populace with their deals which would definitely draw them.

In fact, as a Nigerian, you would almost think Jumia is the only online store offering Black Friday deals. Well, I heard they brought the whole Black Friday thing to Nigeria in the first place.

But the truth is there are Black Friday deals from other brands and stores and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. And so, I have curated 5 shopping tips to get the best Black Friday deals.



This has to top the list as it’s the first thing to do. You could get carried away, considering how affordable things would get and just shop away. Haha. So, it’s essential you have a list. It could be clothing, kitchen equipment, travel deals and so on. The idea behind this is to stay focused and get the best deals. Go over your list again and add anything that comes to mind.

make a shopping list
Write them down o


Like I mentioned earlier, it’s possible to think Jumia is the only store offering deals on Black Friday. And that’s why it’s important to do your research. You have a list already, find out the retailers offering Black Friday deals on them.

For instance, it isn’t just the fancy material stuff you can get off black Friday deals, you can get deals on flight deals too! How cool is that? Considering how traveling will be such a great deal as the festive period is drawing closer, you can book your flights at cheaper prices.

 In the light of that, there’s Black Friday for TravelStart Nigeria happening from the 25th of November till the 2nd of December. Click here for more information.

travelstart- flight deals
Yes, you read that right.

So, for my brethren who would blame finances for not being able to travel to see loved ones or even explore the world during this festive season, the issue has just been solved.


This is also essential. In the social media world, it’s possible to have a lot of stuff in your face that you miss out on some other good stuff. Yep.

social media platforms to follow retailers on for black friday deals

So, making a reference to the list you made earlier on, follow your trusted retailers and keep track. Also, sign up for their newsletters, as most of them let their subscribers in on their best deals before anyone else.


As simple as that sounds, it is crucial.

Imagine waiting till the 20th of December before booking your flight for the 26th or thereabout, it just means you have lost the golden opportunity to get the best flight deals from Travelstart which runs from the 25th of November till the 2nd of December.

But then, be careful not to fall into the wrong hands, which is why carrying out your research is germane.

So, plan ahead, start shopping as soon as you find the best deals.


You can’t have your eyes and ears everywhere at the same time, you know? More so, you have an idea how much two or more people can achieve if they come together. Well, that’s not what I want to talk about exactly.

friends checking out best deals for black friday

My point here is to get a partner who definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on good deals too. You could find a good deal that relates to his/her shopping list and he/she could find the same. You could both carry out your research. With that, you definitely have a better chance on having your ears and eyes everywhere. Haha.

pinterest graphic for black friday deals


So, there you have it, my top 5 tips for snagging the best deals this Black Friday. Let’s have an amazing shopping experience. Black Friday is real!

Talk soon,


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