Birthday Post: 21 Lessons Learned So Far

July 29, 2016

Hey! Guess who’s a year older? ME! I’m aware of the fact that one’s birthday is probably the only day in a year to do whatsoever he/she likes, hence the reason for my “out of the blues” post.

Trying to pull off a dance step ;)
Trying to pull off a dance step 😉

I’m grateful to God, the lover of my soul, He’s been my best friend. I’m grateful for life, family, friends, accomplishments, failures and what the future holds. I might not be so elated about my present state (when you feel you should have achieved greater things), but who doesn’t have a gloomy past? And as long as there is life, there is hope! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and grateful it’s my birthday and I’m aware of a glorious future as a result of my faith in God.

How time flies! I remember when I was about to start Secondary School and I didn’t even know the difference between Day and Boarding School (Lol). I’m so grateful for my Parents…the sacrifices, prayers, they provided me with the best of my needs.


My life hasn’t always been a smooth ride, I’ve experienced a lot and there are lessons I’ve learned which I will share with you.


21 Lessons Learned So Far

  1. Engage in whatever makes you happy
  2. Never repay evil for evil
  3. Consistent prayers and gratitude to God; you’ll never lack
  4. Never cease learning and accept learning from anyone
  5. Choose Quality over Quantity
  6. Everybody won’t be in good terms with you, no matter how “good” you are. Quit trying to please everyone
  7. Forgive all wrongs and let go, no matter how hard.
  8. Learn a new word each day
  9. Value everyone in your life
  10. There is something you can do naturally and good at, stick with it.
  11. Think deeply before you speak
  12. Love everyone
  13. You’ll encounter discouragements anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Never lose focus
  14. Listen to your instinct
  15. You can’t be happy in a relationship if you’re not happy with yourself
  16. Some friends fade away and some stay for a long while.
  17. Never compare yourself to anyone or try to be someone else
  18. Endeavor to save a little out of your income
  19. The words “please” and “thank you” are pleasant
  20. Gratitude is the key to happiness
  21. Never let little things get to you.


What has been your greatest lesson? Share in the comment section. Thanks

P.S- 21 lessons because it’s my 21st birthday. 🙂



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