ASUU Strike X September Goals. 

September 1, 2017

It’s September already.
This year is actually running fast. At the beginning of the year, I started my Masters Programme, which I believe I should have started in 2016, but I was too relaxed I guess. 

It has been my desire for the year to run out quick so I could be done with the program quick, but guess what? Yeah it’s going on fine and I should have concluded the first semester exams but ASUU strike commenced! I was told the last time something of sort happened was in 2013 which lasted for 6 months! In a Private University, that’s a whole semester and a month or two into another.

ASUU strike is an issue every Nigerian student is familiar with. Both old and new. Lecturers go on strike to fight for a cause in their favor.

The annoying part? The strike commenced two days to my exams. Sincerely, I was indifferent at that time. I thought I needed more time to go through some pages. To me, the strike wouldn’t last more than a week.

Then, I was told it’s likely 2013 repeats itself, judging from the fact the same issue arose this year.

I learned the bone of contention is the issue of unpaid salaries.

I just want to be done with this programme! It’s disheartening really. Some people are probably used to it because they schooled at Federal and State Universities.

I graduated from a Private University where you know the date you’d graduate from the day you gained admission. Well maybe not the date, but the year of course.

The good part? I have unfinished projects I could use this ‘break’ for. Each time I rant about the strike and how much I wanna get back to school, a part of me just says, “hey, why don’t you use this time to get somethings done?”

So it’s suffice to say I’m in a dilemma, one I shouldn’t be so confused about- to keep reading (immediately the strike is off, exams start) or get busy with other things.

What do you guys think of this ASUU strike? Why have some universities pulled out of this strike issue and the others just probably love it?

P. S: ASUU means Academic Staff Union of Universities.

That aside, there are better things to bother about. Happy New Month again 🙂

There’s something that has to stop-having goals for a month and then the month runs out and nothing or a tiny part of the goals have been achieved.

So I thought sharing these goals with my online friends would make me more serious about fulfilling them. Please do well to ask about how far I’ve gone with them. And I’d do a recap post every beginning of the month to let you guys know how serious I have become.

September Goals 

1) Read two books: A Purpose-driven life by Rick Warren and What Rich People know & desperately want to keep secret by Brian Sher.
2) Get a Sewing Machine and start putting my knowledge and skills into practice.

3) Get more serious with Saxophone lessons and graduate from playing hymns.

4) Pray and study the Bible every morning and night. The Youversion Bible App is great!

5) Get involved in a voice training.  I love singing but I don’t that “voice” for it.

6) Bake bread.  I was taught some months ago and I really hope I haven’t forgotten.

7) Do a stock of mom’s wardrobe and get hold of those clothes she doesn’t wear anymore. She’s got a great sense of fashion.

That’s all. Have a fulfilled September.

What are your goals this month? The Comments section is always open 🙂



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  1. Good to know I’m not the only one interested in her mother’s wardrobe. Someone was pretty suprised recently when I told her my mum buys and even sews most of my clothes.
    I’ve bookmarked that book by Brian Sher. Sounds interesting.
    Some day, I’ll attempt to get a voice and dancing training. Someday.
    I’d like to know though, how did these goals work out for you during the strike?

    1. Haha my mom’s wardrobe is a corner you wanna lock yourself in for a long time.
      wow, that’s cool. your mom must have a great fashion sense too.
      You should read the book. Not just interesting but enlightening and educative too.
      Anything music related is great. Never goes out of trend, you you should do that soon.
      Oh well! The strike lasted for a month and some days(glory!),I was able to finish the books, improved on the saxophone, got about 6 clothes from my mom (yaaas). I tried sha. Lol.
      Thank you so much for reading & leaving this overly welcome comment ❤

  2. Oya, I’m plucking a cane right now. Start with the bread, and make sure you share because I am appointing myself as Chief Taster! Then go to the sewing machine.. Lol good luck with your September goals!

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