Hi, I’m Tinuke, the founder of this space where I call my little corner on the internet. Creating this blog is definitely one of the best decisions I have made so far.

I believe knowledge can be acquired from any one and any means, asides that being a reason for running a blog, writing is one art I could fall back on if everything goes off. Creating content for this blog is a source of happiness to me as it makes me feel like I’m causing a positive change through my writing, be it about my faith, daily living or tips on personal growth.

Originally, this blog started as a hobby in December 2015, and over the years, having gone through a lot of change, it has become a safe haven for me to share all that inspires me. It’s a lifestyle blog to inspire, educate and entertain through helpful content and meaningful conversations. The blog encapsulates articles ranging from personal growth, daily living, experiences, faith and musings, to ensure that we all live our best lives, intentionally and have a healthy fun while at it. As far as this blog is concerned, it’s all about sharing inspiration in every form and doing so in simple words to increase communication and relatability.

So, if you’re not all about that lighthearted content loaded with inspiration, this space is for you.


My full name is Atinuke Wale-Awe. I am passionate about writing and inspiring other people through my content. Though a little reserved, I love making new friends.

A graduate of International Law and Diplomacy (BSc) and Peace & Conflict Studies (MSc).

I’d refer to myself as an easy-going and simple young lady. I discovered writing as a passion in 2007, when I almost became an author but something happened and I lost the manuscript. Sad.

Being relatable is important to me, which is why I share personal experiences and stories in a simple manner to allow communication flow seamlessly. This blog is not just about me, it is more about you. Everything shared here is to create more positivity and happiness in our lives.


I don’t know if you like this blog already but I hope you do. No one expects you to check this blog every single day to read posts and all, which is why there’s a chance for you to have new posts right in your email! Occasionally, I write letters, which could be a bit personal for my in-house friends. So, if you don’t mind hearing from me (on a more personal level) and you definitely don’t want to miss a post, please subscribe to the blog. Thank you!

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