8 Reasons you feel tired always

July 31, 2016

Constant fatigue is becoming rampant among almost everyone, this is due to some unhealthy living styles. There are some certain things we don’t do (and we do) that will surely result to this seemingly rampant visitor  factor.  It doesn’t have to be as a result of some medical issues, there are some basic lifestyles that should be changed to boost energy. We tend to blame tiredness on a busy lifestyle- work all day and a little or no time to rest, as much as that’s a basic factor, there are other little things we often overlook that actually tell much on the body system.

I was once that way-feeling tired always- I believed it was due to lack of adequate sleep and I resorted to sleeping a lot. Maybe what works for some might not be the same for others anyway, but that shouldn’t disturb one from doing the right things. My resort- a lot of sleep, worked a little, I’d wake and still the fatigue. I decided to take it serious (I did initially, I just put more effort), I searched for articles on why I often felt that way and what should be done to curb the situation. I’d be wrong to say I have put every of the advice into practice, but I will share the ones I have actually practiced and has worked!!! If you still feel the same way after all of these, you should seek for professional help.

So, here are 8 reasons you feel tired always;

  1. You are dehydrated


Water Water Water. Yes, you’ve probably seen and heard enough of “drink a lot of water”. I started drinking a lot of water ever since my mom testified of how good and relieved she always felt. But then, I drank more when going to bed (bad step), I would wake up every 10 minutes to ease myself. The best time to drink plenty of water is in the morning when you wake up, before and after each meal. Drinking water before going to bed isn’t bad if it’s not MUCH except of course, you need a “wake up call” every 10 minutes. Enough water keeps you hydrated which curbs fatigue. Smooth and clearer skin is another great advantage.

  1. You skip breakfast
Oatmeal for the win!
Oatmeal for the win!

There will be a post on a number of meals to take for breakfast on the blog soon. So yeah, breakfast is very important as it fuels the body with energy consumed during the night. Skipping breakfast makes you feel tired easily due to the fact that your body finds it hard to recuperate. Not a breakfast person? You don’t have to start and be all constant, you could ensure you take it more mornings, oatmeal is one breakfast I love, its filled with nutrients that helps the body against fatigue.

  1. Inadequate sleep


Quality over quantity though. Yeah, busy schedule and a little time to sleep. Put this “little time” into judicious use. Inadequate sleep tells on the body in a bad way. Get quality sleep in the little time.

  1. You’re not consuming enough iron.

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus.  Healthy eating.

Iron deficiency leads to sluggishness, weakness and most times, inability to focus- fatigue will be involved, of course. Consume foods like eggs, tofu, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, lean beef. Foods rich in Vitamin C improves iron absorption too, so take note and out into practice.

  1. Lack of exercise


Trust me, it doesn’t have to be a 30 minutes rigorous one. Cardio, jogging, skipping for a number of times in your personal space is good enough. It keeps the body fit and strong, blood flows in a more soothing way and you feel good with yourself.

  1. You consume junk food//Poor diet

poor diet

Too much greasy food cause more harm than good to the body, it should be fueled with the right kinds of food. Most of these junk food re full of simple carbs which makes your blood sugar rise above normal and fall even at the same time. I fell ill a lot of times at a period, lately, I discovered it was due to the junk foods and soda drink I had EVERYDAY.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals

You can’t do everything at the same time, stop trying to be a perfectionist. Quit engaging in too much work, it breeds stress which in turn leads to fatigue. Create a to-do list and obey.

  1. Your environment is messy

You’ll feel tired in an untidy environment, it’s probably a psychological thing. A loaded desk doesn’t imply how hardworking you are, it restricts your ability to focus and limits your brain’s ability to process information.

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