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8 Moments Christians Can Totally Relate To.

July 30, 2018

I was quite hesitant about writing this post, but I really wanted to! It’s a lighthearted one and I hope you can relate to most of them just like myself.

You’ll agree with me that Christians are everywhere these days, but then, it goes beyond attending church services. A personal relationship with God is a requirement including daily consciousness of living a Christ-like life.

I am a Christian, one who yearns for a closer relationship with God. Now, in my moments of attending church services and developing a closer relationship with God, there are some moments that I believe my fellow Christians can relate to.

As mentioned earlier, this post is a lighthearted one. I can’t say how I was inspired to come up with it, it just dropped.

So, here are 8 moments Christians can relate to

1. The day feels empty without your personal devotion/quiet time.

I posted a tweet recently about how fulfilled and peaceful I felt amidst several issues going on, this was because I had my quiet time that morning. It just sets the day right.

Communing with Him and studying His word everyday assures us of a better and greater tomorrow. It also assures us of His immense love towards us. That is sufficient to make the day worthwhile! Personally, when I skip my quiet time, I either get angry over little things or sadness sets in (it’s been observed).

2. Everyone expects the best behaviour from you.

Is there a word with a greater effect than “best”? It would have been more suitable, absolutely. People look up to you like a saint that dares not make a mistake. Can we blame them? I don’t think so, we’re expected to be as perfect as our father. 1 Peter 1:16

3. You feel a bad sensation whenever you commit a sin

As one who really loves God and desires a relationship with Him (and constantly works towards it), you’ll know when something you’ve done isn’t right. In this present world, we tend to paint sin as wisdom. Sin is sin.

Even if it seems harmless, as long as it doesn’t align with God’s commandment, you’ll know! Have you ever been in the presence of God and feel off? Confess and forsake your sins. We are far from being saints and therefore tend to commit sin each day, this is why it’s important and necessary to ask for forgiveness each day.

4. The Church service feels incomplete when you miss the praise and worship session.

Now, it’s possible I am the only one who relates to this. I love worshipping God, could go all day in the act without a request. Of course, the sermon is enough to go back home with and feel empowered. For me, it starts with praise and worship.

There’s a youth church I attended for the first time. I got there early enough for a service to start. In the course of the service, I realised the session I love most had been done with. The next time I attended, the praise and worship session happened at another period during the service. Apparently, they don’t have a specific time for it. In fact, they don’t have specified periods for their programs, they reshuffle at each service. So, you can’t predict whenever sermon, offering or the worship session will hold.

Worship is an integral part of Christianity, acknowledging that God is everything is enough to make Him move on your behalf.

5. Your phone rings out loud during the service and all eyes are glued on you.

This is one embarrassing moment! It has never happened to me though, I never forget to shut that phone up before the service. I am one of the people with the gluing eyes.

6. You sleep off and ushers won’t let you.

I believe the ushers have our best interest at heart but really, we can’t help it sometimes. Some people probably couldn’t get enough sleep and even at that, made it to church.

Some people could just love to sleep though! But you wouldn’t know the real reason, so I guess the ushers should keep it up.

7. You are asked to raise up your Bible, but all you have is your phone.

In this situation, what do you do, raise your phone? I understand the phone is portable and easier to carry, but having your Bible itself (hard copy) is essential.

There’s this story I heard, it happened in the North and I don’t know how true it is. Some terrorists stopped some Christians on their way from church. They were asked where they were coming from and they replied. Guess what? They asked to see their Bibles and this was what saved them.

I don’t know how true it is, but it’s enough for us to learn from.

8. You fight the urge to evangelise.

God has instructed us to preach the gospel. Most times, we are set for the day and then we set off, having in mind to tell anyone you meet about God and His word. Then, you board a bus and suddenly, that shyness descends and you keep quiet. This isn’t a sin, the boldness doesn’t come over night. At the same time, it’s necessary to ask God for boldness and make conscious efforts to spread His word.

Parting Words

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it? Which of them can you relate to? Which of them have you never experienced?

I know there are many other things and moments you can relate to, so please share in the comments section. I’d love to know more.



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