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7 Sequential Steps To Reaching Destiny

September 1, 2016

Happy September! The year is gradually coming to an end and if you’re yet to achieve your set goals, stay focused and don’t lose hope, a whole lot can take place within the 4 months left. There are two things involved; it’s either it’s on its way or this isn’t the year for it. Whichever way, stay focused.

hello septSo, I want to share a very important aspect of fulfilling destiny, we all know how reaching one’s destiny is vital, likewise fulfilling it. No one is exempted from the desire to reach destiny, we might just be taking the wrong steps. Apart from some steps to take to reach and fulfill destiny, there are some sequential steps that we just can’t do without passing through, either in a positive or negative way.

Without further ado, let’s see the seven sequential steps to reaching destiny.

  1. Thoughts. Things that you see begin as a thought, well maybe, except for things that grow naturally. Most things we find interest, books, cars, clothes, bags, shoes, chairs, tables and so on begin as a thought. No one can decide to just do anything without thinking about it, it’s just part of human’s nature. What we think about determined the kind of words that proceeds from our mouths. So, “thoughts” is the first step in reaching destiny. What you obsess about is what you’ll bring about.
  2. Words. Your words are the verbal expressions of your thoughts, which makes Words the second step. After God thought about making man in his own image, he said it; “let us make man in our image”. The words might be even be in form of questions, “what do you think about this…?” or “I wonder what it would be like to do this…”
  3. Decisions. The words lead to decisions. You decide this is what you’re going to do. After thinking about it, you talk about it and then decide you’ll do it. These decisions coincide with your words. The decision process is very important, as you might decide to do it or not.
  4.  Actions. You can’t carry out anything without thoughts, words and decisions. You can’t suddenly start making bags, if you have not thought about it or let’s view it from this angle, you wake up one morning and start rigorous exercises, without thinking about it, saying words like “oh, I need to lose some weight”, “I need to keep fit” and deciding to start this process by exercises, you see? These steps are so important none can be left out. There’s nothing wrong in taking action, but you cannot ignore the previous steps if you want to successful, there has to be a motivation.
  5. Habits. A continuous action becomes a habit. You can’t possibly get used to something you don’t do occasionally. A bad habit emanated from lazy thinking and talking, a lack of good decisions and inadequate actions. These habits create your character.
  6. Character. A habit that’s performed long enough becomes part of your character. Your habit becomes part of who you are which shapes your character. It’s hard to expect anything substantially good from anyone with a bad habit
  7. Destiny. There are obviously no shortcuts to success, your character will lead you to your destiny. Everyone wants to fulfill destiny, but not everyone wants to walk through the entire process. Everything you say and do must align with your destiny, if you really want to get there.


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