7 Practical Ways to Find Peace in Tough Times

September 21, 2018

So, its the International Peace Day & it’s quite normal for bloggers and content creators to pour out words relating to peace on their platform. For me, it is beyond that. Have you ever heard of “peace and conflict studies” as a course? Well, it was weird the first time I heard it. So I think it might be strange to you too. I think I’m digressing, I was meaning to tell you that the course is what I’m currently studying at the Masters level(rounding off though).

For me, it’s beyond being a blogger who stays connected with the trends and shares his/her views to the audience. As its a career path for me, I have the responsibility of sharing it to the world at every opportunity i get.

Let’s get on with this.

We go through tough times, we really do! If you haven’t, I am not being mean, but they will still come. Why? Well, they shape us as humans and help us become better versions of ourselves.

But then, how do we ensure that we do not let these tough times take the best of us? How do we ensure that they don’t make us hate ourselves?

Well, it’s how we deal with them. According to the World Health Organization, “Every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide”.

Peace in tough times sounds not feasible. Most times, when you hear someone mentioning experiencing peace in the midst of a storm, you wave it off, with the assumption that such person is not going through hard times, or not at as bad as what you may be going through.

The truth is, they have inner peace and even in the midst of the storm, they have not allowed it to control their emotions and attitude towards people.

Peace in tough times is not an anomaly, it is possible and you can experience it too.

We hope & aspire for a peaceful Nation and a serene environment, but it starts from ourselves as individuals. It is when peace is achieved inherently that we can then proceed to ensuring our environments are peaceful.

In tough times, how can we enjoy inner peace? Is it at all possible? Yes, it is! The secret is envisaging the positive side of such challenges and disallowing such challenges from controlling our actions, thoughts and decisions. How can we experience peace in tough times?

7 Practical Ways To Find Peace In Your Tough Season.

1. Be Grateful.

You are definitely alive, that’s why your mind even has the “luxury” to worry about some challenge that may come our way.When you worry you obviously forget the saying “when there is life, there is hope”. You have to be grateful to experience peace, because you will realise that life is more important than these things we worry about. There are people who wish death would pay them a visit the next minute. Ironically, if an opportunity were given to them to take their lives, they’d run for their lives!

Have a journal where you curate things you’re grateful for, this will help.

2. Talk to God about your concerns.

Someone once said that God will show himself to you in whatever way you see him. If you see him as your Father, He will act in that capacity. For me, He is my everything and talking to Him about my problems and concerns gives me peace even when they don’t go away. I just feel lighter and better, having spoken to Him. It will make you less worried and joyful. Funny right? Well, it’s the truth.

You should have a prayer journal too. Write down your prayer points in a form of a letter to God. He reads it!

Read last year’s International Peace Day’s post on the blog.

3. Dwell on What You Have Rather Than What You Want.

We want something and when we acquire that thing, we want more and more. This is enough to blindfold us from seeing the beauty in what we have surrounded ourselves with. I understand that we are humans and acquiring material things and wealth seems expected. I don’t think so, we can open our inner eyes and appreciate what we have already.

Regarding accomplishments, it is important to strive but it shouldn’t limit appreciating how far we’ve gone. Endeavour to see beauty in the things you possess and the life you live.

4. Spend more time with Family and Friends.

There is joy when you are surrounded by those you love and love you too. Peace is assured too!

5. Avoid Friends Who Ignite Negative Energy.

Even if it’s your family and he/she is always negative, please create an amazing space. Stay away from people who never see anything good about you or what you do. Most times, they claim to be ‘blunt’, but you will realise the difference between an opinionated statement and a judge. To experience peace, you need people who will allow it’s birth and nurturing.

6. Discover Your Passion and Turn it Into Your Companion.

There is always a thing or two you love doing without being exhausted or drained. You effortlessly enjoy that activity. Discover that activity and lock yourself in it.

For me, it is writing and trust me, as I am writing this, I’m groggy, but I just can’t sleep, not because I can’t continue tomorrow, but because I love it and will continue writing till I am done with this topic. I am literally stuck!

It brings peace because I feel a sense of fulfillment and like I am influencing positively in such little way. It’ll bring peace because you are happy doing it.

7. Read Inspiring Books.

There’s this saying: “if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book”.

Oh well, that’s a bad report because, obviously, it means we detest reading as a race. Inspiring books widen our understanding, hands to us knowledge and propels our zest to learn more about life. Most times, it helps us to know that we are not alone and this will give us hope in our tough season!

I hope I have been able to inform you on practical ways that can be adopted to enjoy inner peace. It is not a farfetched idea or a mirage but a reality.

Have you been through depression? How did you overcome? Please feel free to share your experience and other tips you know could help achieve inner peace. Thanks for reading.

Happy International Peace Day!



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