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6 Simple Ways To Increase Your Water Intake.

October 9, 2018

If you could get a dollar for each time you were told to drink more water to stay healthy, you’d be a millionaire, right? Yeah, same here. I see a notification of a blog post that states, “How to have a healthy and glowing skin” and guess one thing that always makes the list, Drink a lot of Water!

Actually, I can attest to this. There was a time I was somewhat addicted to water (it’s a good thing, I guess), I would drink so much, not minding how it made a bulge in my stomach. I saw results. Yes. My skin responded positively, became clearer and smoother. I attributed it to the skin care routine I had at that time, because I had little or no idea as to what drinking a lot of water could do for the skin.

Due to the fact that I couldn’t trace my improved skin to the constant drinking of water, I reduced (unintentionally) at a point. Words won’t do justice to how pimples and dark spots found my face desirable. I became  a skin care enthusiast, my recent searches on google at that time were all about clearing dark spots and pimples. I repeat, drinking a lot of water made the list, always.

Black girls are beautiful
Just a reminder that you do not have to be light-skinned to exude the glow.

Essentially, water is important and one shouldn’t wait till he or she feels thirsty before it is taken. Not only is it good for the skin, it is a great weight loss strategy and keeps one healthy. I mentioned it as one of my October intentions, as it is one area I really want to develop on.

No One Mentioned a Disadvantage.

I read a caption on Instagram which says that, if you drink a lot of water, you’d have no time to mind other people’s business as you’ll be busy peeing! Not sure if that’s a disadvantage for everyone, but most times, I desist from taking so much water when I’ll be going out, for obvious reasons.

For me, if I finish a bottle of water in 2 hours or less, I’ll pee 6 times and I’m not exaggerating. I don’t know if that is a nice feeling for most people, but it isn’t for me. I feel abnormal, at times.

You Need Water, A Lot of it.

Nothing comes without a disadvantage, right? So, whatever it is, we need to drink a lot of water every day! Truthfully, it could get boring and tiring. Just swallowing and swallowing every day and running to ease ourselves every ten minutes. There should be ways it could be more fun. Apart from that, the goal to drink more water could be overridden by our involvement with other things. We could forget or even lag behind in the number of cups of water we planned to drink in a day. How then can we ensure we make the act more fun and increase our intake?

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6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Water Intake.

Increase your water intake with these 6 simple ways- Tinuke Awe

 Take a bottle of water everywhere you go.

I told you they are simple things to do and this one confirms it. Having a bottle filled with water staring right at you will definitely remind you to empty it (at least to reduce the load you have). This works well for me and I’m sure it will for anyone. The kind of bottle could matter, which leads to the next point.

Get an attractive cup or bottle.

6 Ways to increase your water intake

This sounds funny and maybe, silly. But it doesn’t mean it won’t work. It doesn’t have to be attractive to everyone as our taste in things differs. As long as it appeals and makes you look forward to drinking from it all day, it will definitely increase your water intake. There is this fancy water bottle I saw with a lady, it has a built-in straw and the way she’d always drink from it? You’d wonder if the bottle was filled with soda. Funnily, it made me want water more, especially with the bottle. I got two, similar to it, for my sisters and they drink water more now.

Take more fruits with high water content.

I agree that having just water in its natural form could be against our taste buds. Water isn’t sweet anyway, we drink it because of its efficiency in quenching thirst and the amazing benefits it professes.

Watermelon as a strategy for drinking more water- Tinuke Awe

So, you could take more fruits to have some taste. I strongly recommend watermelon and pineapple. They have a high water content and could serve as flavoured water even. With this, you are drinking more water.

Add some flavour to the water.

Add flavour to water- Tinuke Awe

Lately, I have been drinking lemon water early in the morning. I decided to substitute drinking just water with this, because of the benefits of lemon itself. You could add lime, strawberry or any other fruit you desire to add some flavour to your water. Don’t go for sweetened drinks, adding water to that doesn’t make it acceptable (makes it super tasteless, anyway). With some natural flavour, you’d definitely drink some more and some more and some more!

Set a reminder.

If you’re the one totally not used to drinking water and needs a sort of reminder, it is fine, set a reminder. Apart from that, you could be so busy, even though you have a bottle of water in your bag, so it’s advisable to set a reminder so you can just grab your bottle or cup and drink your way to a more healthy skin and life.

Write a list of the benefits and paste it where you’ll see it daily.

Write Your Vision- Tinuke Awe

Now, this is you becoming your source of inspiration. There are a lot of amazing benefits of drinking water, so get them on a paper or in your journal. Seeing it every day will definitely motivate you to drink more. Who doesn’t desire a more healthy skin and life? Both male and female. No one. So, seeing the list will even make you grateful for having to do just a simple task (drink more water daily) for so amazing benefits.


Now, drink more, you have no excuse. What other way would you suggest? How often do you drink water? Do you have a problem with peeing a lot? Can you suggest more fruits with a high water content? Please, share your thoughts. Thank you.




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  1. When I started the early morning water intake a few years back, it made me feel uneasy. But today, water is my best companion. I ain’t even scared when I take it cos I hardly pee especially when I am outside so my body’s just cool with much water intake already. Thanks !

  2. Great post 👌🏻…hmmm,I think I’m one of those who drink a lot of water on some days and on other days, I don’t. But generally,I’d like to think I take enough water, I even wake up in the middle of the night just to take water😂 it’s a good sign,right? I hope

    1. I was like that too, I could drink a lot today and take it once tomorrow. Wow, in the middle Of The night? I only wake up to ease myself o. Of course it’s a good sign. I think my mom does that, she empties 2 bottles before daybreak.

  3. Wow, I seldom drinking water too. I can drink a sachet of water for a whole day, if I don’t eat peppery food. I think this will help. And mostly the lime will also do. Thanks dear.

  4. Wow, I seldom drinking water too. I can drink a sachet of water for a whole day, if I don’t eat pepepry food. I think this will help. And mostly the lime will also do. Thanks dear.

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