6 Productive Things You Can Do While Watching TV

February 9, 2019

Watching TV is an activity that will probably never go out of trend. You find the device in homes, offices, malls, what have you?

Growing up, switching on the TV was the next thing to do after dropping my school bag while I get lunch.

A habit my mom would often scold me for, she’d order me to go read my books or do my assignments.

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Apparently, as one grows, other things get in the way. You’d even read stories of people who topped their classes attributing it to the fact that they had no time to watch the TV. Interesting.

For most of us, we are still able to squeeze a little time to catch up on our favourite shows and listen to what is going on around us. Even with our busy schedules.

Watching TV is a medium of rest for me, asides sleep. How then can you make good use of this leisure time? I’ve been able to come up with 6 activities one can get involved in- which could be a little difficult to spare time for, considering our businesses.

What are they?

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1. Reply or send important emails.

It’s a no-brainer that emails are an integral part of the corporate world these days. In fact, people in the same office use this medium to pass information across to each other.

Also, as humans, a lot of things could skip our minds. Most times, I’d think I had replied an email only to go through them and see that I haven’t!

So, the time we set aside to relax and watch the TV is a good time to go through our emails, reply the ones that demand it and send the ones needed to be sent.

2. Review your goals

We all have some set goals we hope to achieve. It is important to review them often and by this, I mean, going through them and tick the ones that have been achieved and work towards achieving the others.

Going over your set-goals has a way of instilling focus in you. And you know the best part? Ticking off set goals! It’s therapeutic.

3. Make a to-do list for the next day or week.

You know what else is therapeutic? Ticking off tasks on to-do list! I love that feeling.

So, while watching TV, you can use such time to make a to-do list for the next day or week. It’s a productive act. As I mentioned earlier, we tend to forget things sometimes, having a list with tasks before us is an amazing way of getting things done and in a quick way too.

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4. Drink a lot of water while watching TV

Yes, yes, it’s part of it. I’ll probably chip in the point in every article.

One major excuse people give when it comes to drinking a lot of water is that they forget or don’t have such time.

Well, while watching TV, you can definitely bless yourself with as many cups of water as possible! No excuse. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water.

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5. Call to check up on your family and friends.

For some, this could be an everyday thing. For others, it isn’t wickedness but the time isn’t just available.

While you rest your back binge watching on your favourite show or movie, call the people in your circle.

IF things go wrong, these are the people who will come to your rescue, it is essential to show that you care too.

6. Clean our your bag or wallet.

I don’t know if this will apply to the men. For me, I need to clear out my bag every 3 days!

So, while you’re watching the TV, you could pick your bag and give it a thorough clean. It will give you that sense of fulfillment.

Bonus: Give your body a good stretch.

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Parting Words

I watch the TV every now and then. I get inspiration while at it, most times. The beautiful part? These points listed above are totally not stressful.

What do you do while watching TV? Which of the points listed above do you practise? Do you have any to add? Please share in the comments section. Thank you!



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  1. I used to really enjoy watching TV. I even had a couple of favorite stations. Until I grew and couldn’t have my time with the tv, with my siblings preferring to watch something I thought was silly and I couldn’t do anything about it.

    So now, I’m more of a laptop person, which is boring because it’s controlled. Yea, people could form the habits of drinking this necessary water while watching the tv. Unlike when you’re at work or doing stuff and need to use the bathroom every 20mins.

    Idle head
    Outdoor games and TV programs are becoming old fashioned

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