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6 Months Break And A Self-Hosted Site!

June 15, 2018

I could scream right now but I have decided to let ‘’calm’’ rule. My last post on the blog was 6 months ago and after I posted it, I had no idea whatsoever that my next post would take 6 months!

When I started the blog in December, 2015, I had no idea what blogging was all about asides sharing my opinions and some inspirational articles. Self-hosting, SEO, flatlay and the likes were strangers, as I had no interest, I was more interested in writing away, I didn’t care about comments until I realized the importance of getting a feedback and knowing people actually do read the blog!

During this unintentional break, I kept promising myself to post the next day, the next week, the next month, but I never did. I thought to myself, “Would you give up this blog? Just like that? Something born out of your passion?” I was disappointed in myself for allowing this laziness that sort of found its way into my passion!

I got a few messages from friends asking when they’d read a new post. You know yourselves and you are very much appreciated.

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I knew I didn’t want to stop blogging. Asides from the fact that it was something I started from my own volition, without being convinced or spoken to about it, writing & inspiring people is a part of my life and I’d grab every opportunity to do that. How then can I desist from this platform that allows me to do just that?

Fine, that’s settled- I won’t put an end to my blog. This inconsistency will definitely deprive me from getting consistent and committed readers. What kind of ‘apology post’ could I put up after 3 months? (At that time). It didn’t make any sense to write a post apologizing and promising to be consistent and then run off after a while.

I decided to wait till I make a commitment-a self-hosted site. Yes, that’s a commitment to me. You know, operating in a free environment actually allows you to do as you please.

In a situation where you work for a company for free, just some volunteer work. You could go today and decide to take a break tomorrow, they aren’t paying, why should you be stressed? Don’t get me wrong, it is important to put your best in what you do, getting paid or otherwise. My point is as humans, we take things for levity when we aren’t being rewarded for it.

So, I thought it was better to wait till I could afford to move to a self-hosted site, bearing in mind that, “oh, I paid to get this site, I should nurture it and see it as a job!” This was just a way to get ‘serious’ for me. There are a lot of bloggers that operate on the free site and are super consistent.

How i feel!

Yaaaaaas! Welcome to my little space on the internet, yes, it’s my space now, I own it, I am not a ‘tenant’ anymore, great!

I must say, it was quite sad I couldn’t maintain my old blog and just get rid of the ‘wordpress’ in the URL. Oh well, let’s agree it’s a fresh start.

There was a day I opened my blog on a friend’s phone, saw some adverts I know nothing about and was somewhat shocked. Oh well, don’t be, it isn’t your space, the landlord is free and has every right to sow and grow anything on his property even while you (the tenant) are there. What to do? Buy the property. That is, of course, if you have a problem with it.

So, what is the blog centred on? It is a lifestyle blog that cuts across:

Faith- I am a Christian and I yearn for a closer relationship with God every day. So, I will share some lessons, experiences and opinions in my journey.

Bloggers’ Corner- I was reluctant about this, but I’d love to share some challenges, lessons and tips I come across in this journey.

Life- As a young lady, I go through a lot each day to ensure I live that happy, purposeful and successful life. In the process, there are challenges, growth, lessons learned and some other things we, humans go through. I will share all of that, but it might not be on a daily basis, but trust me to share some spectacular moments.

Diary- Well, this section could be likened to the above with a slight difference. I want to share my unfiltered thoughts under this section. I will definitely need some of your advice because I will ask from time to time. So, please stay with me, let’s grow together.

Personal development- This is the corner for motivational and inspirational articles. I don’t know or have it all. In the course of reading books and listening to people, there will definitely be some tips to enable self-growth and development. I intend to share these with you. I could make a research on a certain topic and share too. In the process, we all learn.

Skin care- I am a lover of good skin! I had some dark spots due to acne some time ago, and oh! I made a thorough research, read so many different remedies and cure. Ever since then, I have created a keen interest in skin care and I do not intend looking back, so I decided to bring it in here. I will share the tips that have worked and how to maintain that beautiful skin.

As the blog grows-which includes myself, ‘travel’ and ‘career’ will be included. I’d love to travel the world some day and believe me, career is becoming an integral part of my life too.

I am certain we’d have an amazing time together, I love comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them. Subscribe to the blog to get notified of new posts too.

Thank you so much!




PS: If you read from word to word, you are the best! I know it’s a lengthy post, but I had to let it all out, so you could understand. I hope I am forgiven for the 6 months break? Let’s do this again, I love you!



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  1. Wow! I am so glad to have you back doing what you love doing. looking forward to more inspiring and informative tips from you. Go girl!!!

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