5 Tips To Ensure a Quality Quiet Time

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As a lover of God, a quiet time is a period to yearn for, a period to develop a personal relationship with Him. As much as this is true, creating time for this could be a daunting task- not because you aren’t interested in it, but so many things claim your time.

Yes, God expects us to have something doing- a job or a business- to be able to cater for ourselves and family. Proverbs 22:29. We are expected to be diligent and dutiful too, but should that get in the way? You should know this- God makes you His priority when you make Him yours.

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Most times, you could just have a lot going on, but there’s always a way to make out time. A quiet time is important, you need to embrace spiritual growth and it can’t happen when you don’t spend time with Him daily.

Personally, observing my quiet time isn’t an aspect of my life I have gotten a perfect hold of, but we get better each day and I will share 5 tips that would help you ensure a quality quiet time. They have worked for me and I hope it will for you too.

5 Tips to Ensure a Quality Quiet Time

1. Choose a time and set reminders.

Ensuring a consistent schedule with the Lord requires you choosing a time to do so. It puts things in order for yourself. What time works best for you? Immediately you wake up? After breakfast? After bath? There’s no rule as to the best time, it’s just advisable to start your day with the Lord.

Setting reminders is a good strategy too. It could be in form of an alarm or whatever you get notified of tasks to do. If you stay consistent and stick to this, you’d find out you are settled for your quiet time even before the alarm goes off. Not only does it help to stay consistent, it puts you in order too.

NOTE: Your quiet time doesn’t have to limited to “once daily”. But for a start and to ensure consistency, start from a level that would be easier for you.

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2. Avoid social media.

Choosing to reply an email in 5 minutes, as you claim, could turn into checking your number of likes and new follows on Instagram, it could lead to replying a chat “quickly”. Before you know what’s happening, you’ve spent an hour glued to your phone and successfully cheated your quiet time.

No one can claim a total control of his or her time, as long as you choose to spend your time with things that don’t matter, you can’t redeem such time. So, it’s better to avoid social media at all. Spending “some minutes” on social media is nearly impossible- there are too many interesting things embedded in that world.

Why not just avoid the phone? For some of us, we use the Youversion Bible app and therefore the phone, at that moment, is indispensable. Discipline does the job in such situation.

3. Invest in writing materials.

Having a Bible journal and a special cute pen makes me look forward to my quiet time each day. What do you write? Bible verses, lessons learned and prayer points. Having to write down everything at that period deepens your relationship with God, because you believe He’s reading as you’re writing and will definitely meet your needs.

You could have a section in the journal where you write a letter to God each day, it could be a love letter, prayer requests, your thoughts or challenges. Trust me, He reads them. With this, a quiet time becomes indispensable, you just can’t do without it.

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4. Create a special space.

This is a tip I have learned over time and believe me, it works. Create a space, you’ll know you’ve not been there in a day, no one needs to tell you. Therefore, you won’t want to miss the next day and the next. It could be a small room with a chair or a mat, it’s important to keep the environment CLEAN. Let God know that’s where you’ll meet Him every day and He’ll meet you there!

You might not have the luxury of a spare room? What to do? Choose a corner in your room or on your bed, it could be the part close to the wall. The important things is letting God know of your interest in communing with Him and the effort you’re making. Even if it’s in the bathroom, He will always join you.

Also, there is this bonus tip I have learned, it might sound funny, but it’s helpful and interesting. It is having a shawl or a scarf around your neck during the period. This shawl or scarf isn’t for any other use, it should be considered special and anointed.

5. Stick to a plan.

Having a plan is a great step to take in staying consistent. The YouVersion Bible app is one to keep you on your toes as you won’t want to lag behind. There are other great devotionals too, examples are the Open Heavens devotional by Pastor E.A Adeboye, The Daily Manna and Power Thought Devotional by Joyce Meyers.

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Parting Words.

My mom once told me this- when you stick to a particular time and stay consistent, it gets to a time God is already there waiting for you to join Him. No one wants to keep God waiting, right? I hope and pray you find these tips useful.

NOTE: Don’t force things, God is patient, take things one step at a time. If it is a verse daily, stick to it but ensure you embrace growth. The most important thing is to create a deep relationship with God, not having a routine void of His presence. God bless you.

Do you observe your quiet time? Do you prefer mornings, evenings or both? How consistent are you? Which of the tips do you put into practice? What other tips would you add? Please, share in the comments section. Thank you.



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