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3 Keys To Being Productive While Working From Home

November 15, 2016

Most times i make up my mind to type blog posts ,my bed keeps “calling my attention”. I don’t think there’s any human who hates the comfort of the bed, i mean…who would? But then, you have to get to work, stay productive and have positive results.

Entrepreneurship is taking the lead in this generation of ours, we all love the “I’m my own boss” kinda thing. While most people have their own work environment quite far from their home, some others prefer working from the comfort of their home.

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But then, how can you overcome the temptation of your bed? Hahaha. For someone like me that would love to be a freelance writer, i certainly have to overcome this temptation of the bed and even that of getting up and going to check what could be thrown into the mouth from the kitchen or freezer.

The thing is being productive will be far away when you sleep for a while often, you certainly wouldn’t do that if you were in a corporate environment. Well, for me, i have 3 keys to staying productive while working from home.


This is an advantage over the 9 to 5 life, you certainly can’t put on whatever you like to a corporate. Even if you want to put on anything like that, it has to be corporate, befitting your work environment. At home, no one cares except yourself. Wear whatever makes you feel free, this gives you the “I’m my boss” kinda feeling (well, maybe that’s what i think).


This is likewise important. People in the corporate world stay productive because of the environment, no messy rumpled clothes anywhere. Make your environment suitable for work, it helps mentally also, the productivity stays at the peak. I tend to get tired easily in a messy environment, for other people like me, productivity is surely far away.


This will certainly curb the ‘temptation’ to eat and sleep every time. I don’t think i can ever sleep enough, when i want to sleep, i really sleep. But then, we can’t sleep at every moment of the day, there are times we should get to work. Same goes for eating.  When you feel sleepy, get some rest, but not the whole day(you wouldn’t do this in an office environment), so use the opportunity wisely . Eat at the right time also, not when you smell food or you just want your mouth moving. I chew gum to curb over eating.

Do you work from home? How do you stay productive? Would love to read your thoughts.

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  1. Nice tips. I get distracted by other thing not related to writing so I force myself to write for a specific time then reward myself with my distractions 🙂

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