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25 Amazing Life Hacks You Should Try Out.

January 16, 2017

I was surfing the net recently and I found out some amazing life hacks that will definitely make things easier. I was actually researching for a solution to a little task and found out a lot of interesting tips and hacks that will make my daily activities less stressful and interesting even. Then I thought, “hmm, I shouldn’t keep this to myself”, it is possible you find them familiar as you might have knowledge of them, but I just found some of them actually, because I put a few into practice already.

Happy to find these life hacks. lol

There were some I didn’t believe I didn’t know, lol, I mean, they seem like they were too simple not to know without a prior knowledge. Well, I’ve been able to come up 25 interesting life hacks for you guys.

  1. You’re cooking and then you taste and realize the salt is too much? Awww. Just throw in a few raw potato slices. The starch will soak up the extra salt, then just remove them before you eat.
  2. Wanna give your shoes an amazing shine? Use banana peels, it’s natural with no chemicals.
  3. Do you know that listening to music while working out can boost your running and lifting ability by 15%?
  4. Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda when boiling eggs. The shells will come slide right off.
  5. Keep your 2016 calendar, it will be reusable in 2044, 2072 and 2112. Hahaha!
  6. This is for your health: Avoid answering your cell phone when it is under 10% battery. The radiation can be up to 1000 times stronger.
  7. Most people know that using the space bar scrolls down a webpage, but if you hold the shift key and hit the space bar, it’ll scroll back up!
  8. This is a dose of happiness. Hang out with people who make you forget to check your phone.
  9. Coughing uncontrollably? Just raise your hands above your head and it will stop.
  10. Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also helps to prevent muscle sores.
  11. Thinking of what gift to get someone? Tell them you already got them a gift and to guess what it is. Lol, lots of ideas.
  12. Laughing for 15 minutes has the same health benefits as getting two extra hours of sleep. Wow, I should go to a comedy show.
  13. Exhausted your toilet paper, don’t dispose it yet, cut it open and use it as a cuff around your wrapping paper to keep it from unrolling.
  14. Want to hit a nail on the wall and you’re scared of the hammer hitting your finger? Use clothes pin to hold the nail against the wall.
  15. Use a CLEAN dustpan to fill a container that doesn’t fit in the sink. Place the dustpan below the tap and the container a little under the sink. The water will flow through the dustpan down into the container.
  16. If you are at a hotel and run out of chargers, the TV usually has a USB plugin.
  17. Taking notes on the computer? Use a weird font. Studies have shown the uniqueness will make you more likely to remember them.
  18. When ironing a button up shirt, flip it inside out to easily iron over the button side.
  19. To avoid crying over onions, peel and chop the ends off. Soak in cold water for 30 seconds. Dice without tears.
  20. Tired of your straw coming out of your canned drink? Put the straw through the tab.
  21. Smelly shoes? Smelly gym bags? Put a dry tea bag, it will absorb bad odors.
  22. Use your hair straightener to iron your collar.
  23. Sharpen your knives with a ceramic bowl, rub the blade up and down on the bowl’s ceramic ring.
  24. Organize your clothes based on your activities, not by type of clothing. One drawer for casual wears, one drawer for workout clothes, one drawer for outing wears and one for work clothes. This way, you know which drawer to open at a particular time instead of scattering the whole place.
  25. How to remove permanent marker from;

Clothes: use hand sanitizer Walls: use toothpaste or hairspray Wood: use rubbing alcohol Carpet: use white vinegar Furniture: use milk White board: use dry erase marker or pencil rubber eraser Ceramic or glass: use toothpaste and baking soda.   That’s all. Hope you find them useful. Which of them have you ever tried and which do you intend giving a try? tinukeaweP.S. One interesting one I found out from a chef- when boiling your meats and after a while, it’s yet to soften, put some amount of uncooked beans in the pot. Here comes your soft and “non-headache giving” meats! Who else knew this?

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  1. Awe, No 11 made me smile. Why didn’t I ever think of it. 16 is so smart! Can’t wait to try out 18. Hopefully, ironing would become easier. Okay, I’m trying 19 when the day breaks. Just 30 seconds? Can’t wait to see the outcome. 23 is amazing. Trying that later too. 24 is a brilliant hack. You already know how much fun I had while reading this. Lol. Thanks for sharing

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