2 Vital Lessons from Losing my Blog

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Losing my blog is the last thing I ever thought I’d write about. Actually, it isn’t even the last thing, I have never thought of it! But then, it happened and I’d like to share two vital lessons I learnt from the incident and process of getting it back.

Losing my blog

On a fateful day, I decided to come up with a blog post (after a while). Logging in to my WordPress dashboard seemed like I was seeking the impossible. Well, I decided to embrace patience and blamed the network for being its usual self.

A week passed and my blog wasn’t going through. Okay, I realized it was more than an internet issue, especially when I asked a few of my friends to check the site out and none gave a positive feedback.

So, I contacted a blogger boss. She actually calls herself the “Blog Fixer” and I don’t disagree! Her name is Alice, the founder of The Bloggers’ Advocate– a community of bloggers who are making amazing moves and redefining blogging in Nigeria. So, if you intend to start a blog or anything related, she’s your plug.

Well, she helped out in tremendous ways and here we are. The blog is back and better (I hope).

2 vital lessons learned

Just like I mentioned earlier, losing the blog was one thing I never thought would happen and there are 2 things it taught me.

Have a support system

Being a loner is just not suitable. We all need someone or people we can rely on, not just so they could render help when we need it, but also to foster our growth. If I wasn’t a part of The Bloggers’ Advocate (TBA), I would have been stuck, wondering and surfing the net for how to fix the blog, which was more than that. It was an issue with my web hosting which I doubt typing a few keywords on google would have solved.

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Having a support system isn’t just applicable to the blog. We all need support, including the people who seem to have a way around everything.

Get involved in the background

You’d understand what I mean as you read on.

 In June 2018, I went for a self-hosted site. Although, I was responsible for the design and every other visual setting, someone else helped out with the web hosting, domain and the other tech stuff. So, when the blog was up and running, I was more concerned about publishing posts and convincing people to read my blog.

I had no idea what went on in the background. My Cpanel details, web hosting and domain details had no idea I existed. In fact, my email address was wrongly spelt, which means I got no message about a pending difficulty which probably led to the loss of the site.

So, as at the time Alice needed these details, I was blank (sadly). I reached out to the person who helped out in setting the blog initially and guess what? Prior to this time, we had a huge misunderstanding which means we weren’t in contact anymore.

Getting these details was frustrating! I had to reach out and eventually, we settled our issues.

My point, get involved in the background. Ensure you are involved, if not fully, ask necessary questions. Apart from the knowledge you will definitely acquire, it will save you a lot of stress in the nearest future.

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That’s it, people!

NOTE: I lost all the blog posts from June 2018. Yes, Yes, it is saddening. But I’m shifting to the positive part of this. It’s a good way to start in a better way.

So, in case you’re still wondering, TinukeAwe is a lifestyle blog curated to inspire everyone to live their best lives through useful content. Helping people excites me, just like writing does.

I hope you stick around.



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