10 Things I’m Bad At.

June 25, 2018

Hash tag get to know Tinuke. Hahaha, I have always had this post in mind but was somewhat scared of putting myself out there. I mentioned my intention on getting a bit personal here and this is a post to kick-start that.

After I typed the title,guess what came to my mind? “Things I’m bad at, why can’t I write things I’m good at?” oh, well, I guess I’m good at every other thing except the ones I’m about to let you know.

It’s easy for us to see a good-looking, everything-going-on-smoothly, seemingly rich individual on the social media, with pictures featuring different countries all over the world, and just conclude he/she is perfect, no fault, no debts, no insecurities, no problem at all.

As a young lady, these are the kind of posts I’d click on first on a blog. If I admire you, I’d love to know about you, the good, bad and ugly. It makes you real, no pretense, no wanna-be.

Now, no one probably admires me or a few do (if you do, let me know in the comments section *winks*). Still, I have decided to be open and real.

If I want you to read, digest and get inspired by my posts, you should understand that this writer and seemingly adviser isn’t a perfect individual, she has her imperfections too. I don’t know about you but I’ll definitely connect better with such a person.

Okay, the introduction looks good to go. Here are 10 things I’m bad at.

1. Making friends.

This just has to be the first one, because it’s annoying! I love meeting new friends but to start a conversation? To let you know I’d love to be a friend? You just have to help me. Actually, there are a few people, probably 3 or 4 people I’ve reached out to, letting them know I’d wanna be friends, but there’s this weird feeling I get after I send a message. I could read the message about 20 times and if there was a way to “un-send” the message, I would! Believe me though, I love meeting new friends. If you start the conversation and keep up with me, you’d be glad you did.

2. Keeping up with my few friends.

*clears throat* if they are reading this, they’d probably nod in agreement. I love every one of them, but I am terrible at reaching out, which is indeed terrible. This is why I disagree with people who complain about not reaching out, concluding that one isn’t a good friend. Why not reach out when you remember the person? You don’t know what such person is going through. If you can, reach out too. Okay, I think I’m digressing, but you understand me, yeah? Good. To deal with a friend like me, you have to check up once in a while and probably challenge me to reach out within a week, that should put me on my toes. Friends are important!

3. Talking on the phone.

I’m that kind of person that would see your call but hold on till it stops ringing and text you. Yes yes I know, it’s terrible. The truth is I’d rather text, I flow better that way. Public speaking isn’t even a strength, but writing? Forget it! I could write a 10 page paper but explain it in 5 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Drawing.

I cannot draw! If I do, it will be a very ugly one and you’d wonder if I can really see what you asked me to draw. My siblings can draw, all of them. I console myself with the “unique” title. Don’t laugh at me.

5. Sitting down for long hours to make my hair.

Me: oh, this hair style is beautiful. Hairstylist: Will you make it then? Me: No, it will take time.

That is just a quick illustration. No matter how beautiful that style is, if it will make me glued on a chair for too long, count me out. You’d never see me on tiny braids or twists, except it’s a wig. Even while making the normal-sized braids, you’d see me touching the hair to know how much is left.

6. Responding to messages quick.

If we’re not discussing an important issue or I need to make an inquiry, your message can wait. I think I’m getting better at this though. It could take me two days to respond to your message, I forget, most times. I just scroll out of boredom, see the messages and reply. Don’t worry, I’m getting better.

7. Sticking to a skin care product.

How I still have a good skin is a mystery I don’t intend to solve. My mom has tagged me a covetous being because of this. This started happening after my favourite brand of all time, decided to put an increase on all their products. It’s Olay – my best skin care brand. I think it’s the issue of dollar that caused it though. Prior to that, I had everything “Olay” – cleanser, toner, soap and moisturizer. Now? I just try out products I think should work. I plan to go “olay” again, when I can afford the luxury.

8. Eating actual meals.

As long as there are beverages, bread and cereals available, Please don’t serve me any cooked meal. I claim pounded yam and vegetable soup is my favourite but trust me, I could choose to munch on bread and nutella. I think I took after my mom though – she could have roasted maize and tea all day!

9. Keeping a diary.

This is deliberate though. If I had one, I’d write all sorts. It should be private right? But the truth is most people don’t want to understand that, they’d find your diary and think they’ve won a jackpot. Thank God for apps that have taken that place now and they have passwords. Even though I’d prefer writing things out, I can’t risk anyone reading my diary. You’d agree with me that your diary can’t be with you at every moment of the day.

10. Staying away from chocolates.

*Laughs* This is a funny one but it’s true. I could have little money on me and still go get chocolates. I don’t think I want to be delivered of this though!

Finally! This didn’t take so long though, I had fun writing it.

So, that’s all I’m bad at, at least the ones I’m aware of.

Which can you relate with? Do you have suggestions on how I could get better at some of them? What are some of the things you’re not good at too? I’d love to know.



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  1. Hahaha! I also hete talking on the phone – please, just text me!
    I am in love with your new space. Well done, girllll


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